A-Morir 2011 line preview with Kerin Rose

So, this video was meant to go up many moons ago, but, due to circumstances of life, is just now creeping into view.

I (not so) recently sat down with my talented, eyewear designer friend, Kerin Rose, to talk a bit about some of the pieces from her new line. While the lunch was phenomenal, getting a chance to hear the lady behind style pieces for everyone from Rihanna, to Lady Gaga, to even Debbie Harry, sit down and talk a bit about her craft, was an un-matched feast. I won’t waste time with words here. Instead, I will say, if you are uninitiated with Kerin’s work, take the rite: A-Morir

And, in while I have your attention, do steep some tea, and curl up with this video.

Cricket [fucking] Cemetery

So, recently my friend Ian pulled the willing trigger, and finally started his own record label:


While I will surely speak a volume on this later (especially as I am a contributing write to the label’s site), for now I simply wanted to loose a small word.

With a firm background in many forms and functions of sound, I can’t think of a more apt individual, at present, to start their own label. While I am champing at the bit to hear the myriads of noise that will be at play here, Ian has damned all conflict of interest, and started things off with a release for his own (excellent) band, Lions and Tigers and Whales.

I can’t say enough good things about this band either (Though, in case you missed it, here is a heaping dose of those sayings.)

With a description like:

“Dark bleak shrieking hardcore from the district. Members of Time of Cholera & American Nightmare & A Day in Black and White. Three songs recorded live at inner ear. 300 copies. Covers hand printed on grill cloth taken from vintage Sunn speaker cabinets.”

You know it’s got to be good. Also, in case you haven’t yet clicked on that above link, I was on hand to bear witness to the 7″ birthing process:

At any and all rates, you should absolutely check in on the cemetery from time to time to see what new is popping out of the ground. (I’m not sure what is on the black horizon myself, but I did hear-tell of a State Violence release, which one would be d-based to miss.)

.abandon hope all ye who enter here.

So, for lack of any real outlet to do whatever the hell I’d like in the blogosphere, I have started this little depository for anything I’m into at the moment. Feel free to contribute, but know that you may not get out alive.