Aaron Lynton X Cricket Cemetery

Aaron Lynton (DC’s Audio&Videop gaurdian of everything that is vile unholy and awesome) stopped by cricket cemetery to capture a bit of an && practice. Here’s a sneak peak of a new L&T&W song titled “bought flowers”.

Untitled from Ian Thompson on Vimeo.

The band had a bit of a roster change over the weekend. One I’m very excited about. More to come about that very soon.
See L&T&W with Beasts of No Nation @ the acheron in new york june twenty sixth

Thanks for stopping by, and you stay evil Nations Capitol.


Rations – For Victory

For Victory
86’d Records and Fanzine

A few weeks ago I wrote a short, fast diddy about this band Rations, from Long Island, New York. I expressed in that short piece my surprise that Long Island had a burgeoning, DIY, punk rock scene. Part of the reason for that is that every time I went to Long Island to visit family I got the impression that it was just this massive suburb. Sure, it’s a massive suburb of one of the most culturally vacant, capitalistic, image conscious cities on this planet, but mostly it reminded me of the suburbs I lived in with the same kind of people who failed to engage the slips of culture found in the city walls. I know, contradiction. New York City mostly sucks. Seriously, people on the East Coast are assholes for the most part and New York takes the cake. Their all angry and fussy. Add to that millions of hipster kids, white guys stealing your life, Botox filled house wives and the general dichotomy that capitalism creates in any town, and you get a shitty place to live. However, just about every other culture that exists on the planet has a pocket there. Also, Mike Law from New Idea Society lives in Brooklyn and he’s one of the nicest people in the world. He should be given sainthood in the church of awesome. Okay, I just did that.

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Cricket Cemetery sent Lukas Smith to the movies..

And he saw THOR in 3D.


Heart and (. . .) Sold:
Words in review of Branagh’s Thor
One of the main reasons movies like Thor make it to production is that a certain group of people can be correctly counted on to watch them, regardless of any possible marketing problems. These people can see a hundred terrible trailers, read a dozen merciless reviews, and undauntedly (nay, happily) fork over their $15.50(!) to watch a caped (or otherwise laughably constumed) character perform digitally enhanced 3Deeds.
I know these people exist because I am one of them, and I can find no other rational cause for why such films make it off the drafting table.
The moneypeople in Hollywood know we’ll buy Thor: The Movie because we’ve already bought at least one if not all of the following: Thor: The Comic Book, Thor: The Lunchbox Adornment, Thor: The Inspiration for the helmet adorably worn by what’s-her-name in Adventures in Babysitting,* Thor: the principal character in many of the more charming tales in The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland. I know that I can’t imagine a horde of women paying dearly to see a live-action iteration of My Little Pony,** for example, but I can’t immediately explain why my childhood entertainments are still so diverting cum profitable (#interesting).***
*To be fair, we would have ‘bought into’ rather than ‘bought’ Thor as an inspiration, but the thrust of my reasoning is unthwarted thereby. (Aside) Who among you was somehow vindicated by Adventures to see a movie character as enthralled by comics as you were?
**How would that work, anyway? Should we hive-write a script, blogosphere?
***The answer that, well, My Little Pony is stupid is a non-starter. A female friend of mine recently complained about how her boyfriend was ‘obsessed’ with Tron, and she did so to a chorus of slithering eye-rolls. This continued for a period of weeks before it became clear that the (lame-ass) Tron to which she referred was none other than the (um, awesome-ass?) Thor-of-fucking-Asgard, who is more than worthy of an obsessive concern (#right?). The eye-rolling previously mentioned had a double referent, in retrospect. The beau is unfairly considered a nerd for liking Tron too much, but he’s trumped after the fact by how actually out-of-touch his lady is for not knowing that Tron and Thor are different. This is so only in a certain world, however, namely, ours. If you were to ask a non-fan to consider two cinematic worlds and predict which of the two would be more likely to result in an interesting film, i.e., A) A computer programmer learns how to encode himself into a gaming system he designed. In attempting to fight his way out, he grapples with programs of his own devising who have plans of their own. This conflict raises philosophical questions of freedom, determinism, and the nature of thought and action. B) An alien super-being, believed to be a god on Earth, is exiled there due to the wily machinations of his evil brother in this cosmic coming-of-age story. Newfound limitations and the love of an earthling teach him to feel just in time to save Earth, his father, and the realm of his lifelong enemies. Good-naturedly spurious explanations lay a magico-scientific patina over the recurring miracles/events that make up the action and extra-dimensional travel sequences. Ok, so, I couldn’t resist selling Thor a bit there, admittedly, but still . . . of the two, Tron sounds better as a thumbnail, and, that fact notwithstanding, if I were in the pitch-meeting, I’d be terrified of either, frankly. I mean, to be honest, they both sound . . . well . . . stupid (and I probably would go and see a live-action My Little Pony production).
A belief and a fact began to dovetail into each other from the moment I heard that Thor would hit the silver: I believed that the film would be terrible and I knew that I would love it. I’m happy to say that I was wrong on both counts. My belief was unfounded, as the movie was quite good. Conversely, I had assumed that I would love Thor in spite and because of its flaws, with an air of, “sure, it’s a shitty movie, of course it’s a shitty movie(! It’s Thor, for Christ’s sake), but it’s my shitty movie.” I was wrong. Thor is good; and not just good-as-blockbusters-go, which it surely is, but just plain good. Good, but not great, which is to say, not good enough to love on its own merits, but way too good to love for its failings as an object of pity. Branagh keeps us guessing, e.g., the tiresome, “once, there was a time when” speech that sets the cosmic table for the viewer is later revealed to be the smug rambling of an old man whose tendency to speechify (and to bore) is later openly mocked. What we thought was an awkwardly predictable Hollyweird ‘epic opening’ is unpredictably turned on its head. Our first glimpses of Thor show him to be unlikeably arrogant, making uncomfortably grandiose pronouncements with words that sound a bit too big for his mouth. This, in particular, didn’t bode well. I can see young Thor acting like a punk, but he shouldn’t sound like one, right? Beyond that, he’s not quite powerful enough to be sexy from the outset. Yet, all of this serves to make his charmingly believable humanization all the more satisfying. You’ve got to hand it to Branagh, folks. He takes a risky angle: make a character who is powerful yet boring interesting because weak. Maintain the intrigue once he inevitably regains his lost strength. Thor accomplishes this much and more, but it wouldn’t be possible without the strong performance by Hemsworth, who shows arrogance, humor, humility, and dignified charm, as called for, with poise. For his part, Branagh does a good job of employing and toying with the conventions of popular cinema by turns, keeping the audience off-balance with a film that feels playful in the end for all its cosmic melodrama. His most powerful tools to this end are humor and innocent affection. This movie is damned funny and generously heartwarming because rarely-if-ever saccharine despite being persistently tender. Branagh shows a loving eye for tempo, repeatedly allowing a scene to ride just long enough to keep the chuckle going or the smile spreading. It doesn’t hurt that Hemsworth is a dear, that Portman is a doll, that Skarsgard is Skarsgard, and that Kat Dennings is surprisingly hilarious and unsurprisingly adorable. Watch out for Jeremy Renner’s snippet of scene-stealing bad-assery, also.
It ain’t perfect, though. The interplay between the superhumans repeatedly falls flat, and, as a result, Thor appears most comfortably at home in exile. As such, for all its intergalactic splendor, Thor is most sure-footed when Earthbound. This is good news, actually, as it appears that the groundwork for the next installment is firmly in place.


Aannnnd scene. Thanks Lukas, that was rad. Maybe we’ll hear from Lukas next week..


Caught Lost Tribe‘s amazing set last week at Home Sweet Home in Manhattan and snapped some pictures. No use writing a review, the pictures tell the story. By the way, the show was put on by Wierd Records, who do this every Wednesday in Manhattan. Fellow ERROR VISIONers Sean and Denman will be spinning records next Wednesday. DETAILS. Enjoy the icy tunes and fogged-out bar stuffed with taxidermied animals. [all photos by, me, nathan jurgenson // full set here]

May TNT – Big Bear Cafe

I’m going to be honest, when Denman and i first talked about me covering the last TNT for error-vizion i wasn’t totally thrilled. Not because its not cool. Quite the contrary. Besides the social anxiety and being real lazy I already spend about 30 hours a week behind an espresso machine, so the idea of going to an event that is centered around coffee makes me a little queasy. But fuck it, time to be adventurous! From the moment I stepped out onto the street and ascended upon the glorious BIG BEAR CAFE I was very pleased. Lights were down low, occupancy reaching its limits and booming bass and hip hop beats spilling out of every orifice. My kind of a latte art competition.

The coffee glock is cocked.

So lets back it up a couple steps for those of you who aren’t familiar. TNT (Thursday Night Throwdown) is a latte art competition held once in a month in our beautiful nations capitol. A different shop hosts every month. Courageous baristas from all over the area are encouraged to come pour. $5 entry fee, winner takes all. Each work of caffeinated art is judged on three different categories if I’m not mistaken: Appearance, definition and contrast. Some baristas can get pretty nutty and creative but the designs seen most are the poignant heart, the timeless rosetta and last but not least the unholy behemoth known as THE TULIP. When these first started going down (3 or 4 years ago) when i still worked at Murky; TNT’s were a totally different beast. Typically lasting an hour, maybe 20 people would show up. Someone would throw on an ipod and there would more than likely be a couple six packs shared. NOW… shit. When i stepped into BIG BEAR last thursday it was poppin’, at least 75 people.

A long bar stretches most of the length of the establishment. On the left, facing the wall a GB5 is being used to pull shots and steam milk: The two ingredients needed on this night to walk away with a fist full of cash. Beside that the staff was taking drink orders, in the middle facing the best MC in the game: mike sala sit three judges, with olympic like score cards waiting to judge and critique the next round of art. What the is this.. Not the TNT I remember.

To the right of the judges a bartender from the passenger (or maybe gibson, can remember… i was on my own concoction that night) was manning the other end of the bar making mixed drinks. Needless to say I was impressed. Behind, in front, to the left and right of me were… people. Lots of people. Something that would normally make me feel very uneasy and require my departure. Not tonight though. I was surrounded by friends familiar faces and some people I might not know, but everyone was united under this roof for the same goal. To get fucked up, dance catch up with friends and watch people make art with coffee… yes. Julie from galaxy hut. Craig from Mt. St. Adrianna from the passenger. Everyone from the Chinatown crew posting up hard (props to lauren, pat and andrew for holdin’ it down…. don’t think i didn’t see that 4 tear tulip andrew). Maura, Jewdith and Brian from Peregrine. Skinny Andrew. Christy. Did I die and go to Heaven…

Craig's new tattoo by Cricket Cemetery headstone holder Myles Karr.

No I went to TNT.

32 cappuccino combatants went into the thunder dome, i mean cafe. And only one emerged. I can’t remember his name cuz i was totally fucked by this point but i can tell you that andrew shields got fucking robbed with fourth place. Second place victor was awarded a bunch of free schlitz swag courtesy of the lovely lucas.

The only ingredient missing from this night was Denman and I DJ ing, but that will happen soon enough…. I’m talking to you TNT coordinators. See you guys at the next TNT. And no, i will not be pouring.



I had such a good day today..Excellent morning. I worked a good shift, saw people I think very highly of,  had a superfood juice, made one of the best handpoor coffees ever(anthony, you are a coffee sourcing G of ethiopia) and had a pretty painless close.  Imbibed and enchanted I walked with my friend brian 2 blocks to the red door, a space located at gold leaf studios in DC.

Two blocks.  That’s one of the great things about the red door.  Great space, metro accessible, downtown, it has a loft?!  Too bad out won’t be around much longer.  Why can’t an art space ever thrive in a prime location.  Sucks. 

Anyway.. Now down to why I’ m here.  DOC. 

Thanks guys for making my night and grinding my brain into a pulp.  The way nolan hovers the ground chuttering (I just invinted a word) out graveley unholy guitar riffs, barking into the mic.  That mic wished it had never been born.  Guaranteed.  Angered and shamed.  It crumbled into dust.  I’m saw it man. 


Chris punishing his clear vistilite kit song after song, while delivering searing vocals… yup.   This is a three piece not to be fucked with. 

One of my favorite bands in the area. 

I wanted to stick around but had to take off after noisear.  They were rad, unrelenting techy violence.   Super bummed I didn’t get to catch the kill or shitstorm.  I’ve still never seen shitstorm, one day shitstorm… One day.

I will now end this night with a rillo, lunch meat and a piece of munster cheese that, correct me if I’m wrong but kind of looks like the district.  Right?

All You Need to Know is That Shitstorm is Playing Tonight

If you are anywhere in the DMV tonight, at all cost get to the Red Door and catch amazing power violence grinders, Shitstorm. I first became aware of this brutal powerhouse after setting a show with Chris Moore to celebrate the release of the their split with Magrudergrind, at the old Warehouse Next Door space. The “retro powerviolence” sound was very popular at the time, and there we were inundated with blast beats and pictures of the Ultimate Warrior. But there was something unique about Shitstorm’s sound that pulled them up out of the rest of the pack. The last time they played DC, they turned the soon-to-be new home of Smash! Records into a desolate wasteland. Here is my UFO caught on tape amateur ish footage of that event:

And here are a few deep cuts from the split mentioned above, to get you throwing furniture across the room (So. Fucking. Good.)

While the entire lineup is amazing, the other standout for me on this one, is the terrorgrind of Noisear, a group that I’ve been listening to since Bad People Records put out Hymns for the Hearing Impaired. Again, I could ramble on and on about how hard they grind utilizing imagery about power tools and nuclear fallouts, but who cares when I can just post more amazing tracks to listen to instead:

The rest of the impressive night includes:

THE KILL (grindcore from AUSTRALIA!)
PLATES (weird noisy punk from NY, mem of I OBJECT)
D.O.C. (grindcore from DC, mem of MAGRUDERGRIND)
MIND AS PRISON (grindcore from Baltimore, mem of A WARM GUN)

And while the deets are:

May 23rd
@ The Red Door
443 I st. NW.
Washington, DC
(entrance around the right side. gallery place metro stop)

show @ 7! ALL AGES!

It might behoove you to check out the FB event anyway.

(The sad verdict is out as to whether or not I will be able to make it to this show, as my sched is effed for the next month, but I can’t express how much I support the continuation of bringing bands like this to DC. GO SUPPORT!)