My name is Ian, it’s very nice to meet you.

I am proud to announce the release of Cricket Cemetery number two: Lions&Tigers&WhalesSTATE VIOLENCE SPLIT SEVEN INCH.  I’m real into this record and everyone who’s gotten a copy so far has shared my same enthusiasm.  Except for some kid with a blog who  didn’t like the L&T&W side.  You shouldn’t listen to him .  The packaging is insane (Zakk b.) and I pressed 100 black 100 clear w-smoke 100 glow in the dark.  So…. yeah, it’s like that.  The L&T&W side has my favorite songs of ours on it and State Violence is one of my favorite bands from DC.. and their side is AWESOME.  It rips.

Cricket cemetery numbers one and two can be purchased from cricketcemetery.com, deathwishinc.com, dischord.com, gravemistakerecords.com, roboticempire.com, amorylucha.com, at cd cellar (arlington, falls church), smash (dc), crooked beat (dc).  Just got the tests for the RESTLESS DEMO SEVEN INCH.  My are those kids drug free and angry.  I love it.

If you don’t already have one I did a small run of glow in the dark cricket cemetery tank tops.  Black of course.  If you want one come find me.

I had the best falafel tonight.   I’m glad I ate,  I don’t think I’ll have an appetite for a while.


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