No Love Lost’s Heavy Gears Grind For May and June

As many of you may or may not know, Sean Gray and I have been busy toiling away in the dark shadows of music for many months now. Inspired by the explorations of minimal-synth, cold-wave, and divergent types of “darker” music, we decided to bring that sound home to roost in the DMV. While we’ve gotten accolades from everyone from The Vinyl District, to NYC’s own Mishka,and even inspired the spawning of similar nights, such as Cullen Stalin’s, Ice Age, in Baltimore, where we guest DJ’ed the first occurence. Sean and I have been slowly biding our bitter time. Until now that is…..

First and foremost, the next installment of our regular monthly is on Sunday, May 15th, and we encourage all you grimm throngs to come and give it a whirl:


Use as the catalyst for the life affirming ecstasis that is June:

In our biggest maneuver yet, on June 1st, Sean and I will be journeying all the way to NY to play the night that started it all: Wierd

“Wed. 6/1: WIERD Presents the Return of Frank(just Frank) – first NYC show in 2 years(!)
with No Love Lost DJs Sean Gray(Fan Death Records) and Denman, Washington DC!!!”

Then, on June 9th, we will be hosting the one and only Martial Canterel, side project from Sean McBride of Xeno and Oaklander (who we have already hosted in DC). This will be part of the Uncapped festival curated by Brightest Young Things.


After that, well, we might need a bit of break, so what says misanthropic vacation more than the record release show for our favorite black hearts: Puerto Rico Flowers, as they release “7” their first full length, in Philly, on 6/19.

Fingers crossed, after all of this, a thick black blanket will cover the earth. Join us won’t you?……..

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