GLIDE into the night in DC

Yes, I am a bit of a contrarian. I don’t like things simply because they are off the beaten path; there has to be a compelling soul to all of my interests. But I will give you stinging side glances, from time-to-time, if you are in the sheep shorn section of culture. Also, as someone who has a metal night, a cold wave night, and just dropped a mix of the most exciting exotica tracks carried on the four winds, obviously I am a champion of carrying sounds from out of strange habitats and infusing them into the DJ/dance night world, (I suppose just as much as I am a champion of dropping Terror Danjah tracks when at all possible). But that isn’t why I’m writing this….

I still have the fondest memories, from my teenage years, of listening to the deep and hushed voice of John Diliberto as his firm hands gripped the wheel of Echoes on PRI. My nights were filled with the explorations of Tangerine Dream, Tonto’s Expanding Headband, and god knows, a whole host of treasured gems that are long lost. In this vein, I could not have been more excited to hear that DC wunderkind, Chris Richards, would be hosting a new party of transcendental voyage. GLIDE is “DC’s Best and Only New Age Night,” and it is one mother of a party. It will take you deep enough to discover which cultural myth regarding the center of the earth is true, and release you far out into the universe to a place where you can test the truths of quantum physics.

If you have slept on this, instead of infusing dreams with reality at this, never fear, it all commences this very evening at St. Ex. in DC. Whatever bottle popping event you had planned should now be firmly swept from the table, so as to ensure a life not full of regrets. I know we in the District, become paralyzed at the thought of any night that doesn’t promise an endless shower of predictable Michael Jackson tracks, but, do yourself a favor and begin taking ledge jumping chances on events such as this……. See you in the warm ether….

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