Or if You’re in Baltimore, It’s a Germ Attak you Lotus Fucker!

If you’re not in DC, and the thought of the spiritual awakening of your third eye doesn’t thrill you, then go to Bmore, and check out an awesome onslaught of bands at the Sidebar tonight.

Headlining the brutality is none other than Ottawa’s own Germ Attak. This powerhouse unleashes a fury of ’82 style streetpunk, that no matter your jaded demeanor, you will find yourself slinging fists to. I feel, no matter your steez, that sound will actually trigger the kids being united. Or conversely, if you don’t like the Varukers, then I don’t like you.

If that isn’t enough, the band that no one in my little corner of the world can stop talking about, Lost Tribe will be in tow as well. Though I’m sure I was given the heads up by Sean, this group has been popping up on the tongues of every music aficionado in the DMV, I trust. Lost Tribe’s synergetic, (say that three times fast), mixture of crust, goth/postpunk, and many other rungs across that ladder are a perfect alchemy for sounds we need right now. (I might give a nod to CVLT NATION for posting more than one band from this original ilk, as of late). If you are not familiar with this black denimed ensemble, this live set is all you need to join the cult:

Fleshing everything out will be MD’s own Sacri-Fidelis, featuring members of Call the Cops and Kamikaze Noise doing a pretty fierce crust punk attack. Finally, last, but dear dark lord, certainly not least, the DMV’s Lotus Fucker. This brutal group is still one of the best in the DC area, as, hopefully, this footage proves:

I can’t stress enough to get out to this excellent fiece punk action tonight. If you need anymore details check out the Facebook invite: HERE

Support local and touring DIY punk, always!

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