Anhedonist Tour Kicks Off Today

Sure, this may have been better served coming out earlier today, but I carved that time pointlessly out of my life with a whittling blade known as, “Why the fuck won’t wordpress accept this fucking hulkshare player embed code!?” While I learned a lot about the nothing I know of flash, (and real coding outside of setting up a myspace profile for that matter), I also managed to waste many valuable hours of my day. Oh well…..

The point to all this is, regardless of when in they day I post it, Seattle’s dirge-metalling Anheadonist are still embarking on an epic voyage. I won’t pretend that I’m as cool in the black vapors of metal to just have heard this name cried on the wind. No, Dan Fried used to live in DC, I knew, him, and now this is his horde. At any rate, it is a mighty tour indeed, and if you are into sheer brutality, (Let’s start a, “Denman says the word, ‘brutal,’ drinking game. You’d all die.), Anheadonist should sate your cravings. The good news is that they’ll probably be leaving their mark just about anywhere you might habitate.

Here’s the laundry list:

-Wednesday, May 11th, Seattle, WA @The Mercury
w/Ealdath, Shadow of the Torturer +1
-Thursday, 12th, Portland, OR @Plan B
w/Ealdath, Shadow of the Torturer, and Ritual Necromancy
-Friday, 13th, Arcata, CA @Big Tree
w/Ealdath, +2
-Saturday, 14th, Oakland, CA @Victory Warehouse
w/ Ealdath, Vastum, Dispirit
-Sunday, 15th, LA, CA @The BLVD
w/Ealdath, Destroy Judas, and Vessel 1
-Monday, 16th, Las Cruces, NM @the Trainyard
w/Yazata, +1 TBA
-Tuesday, 17th, Austin, TX @Beerland
w/Miasmal, The Impalers, and Mammoth Grinder
-Wednesday, 18th, Baton Rouge, LA @Perkins Road Parlour
w/Pallbearer, Thou
-Thursday, 19th, New Orleans, LA @Siberia
w/Pallbearer, Grave Ritual
-Friday, 20th, Nashville, TN @Rutledge
w/Pallbearer, Loss
-Saturday, 21st, Chattanooga, TN @Anarchtica
w/Pallbearer, Otis Reaper, and 2 TBA
-Sunday, 22nd, Asheville, NC @The Get Down
w/Pallbearer, Hour of 13
-Monday, 23rd, OFF
-Tuesday, 24th, Harrisonburg, VA @house show
w/Ilsa +2
-Wednesday, 25th, Silver Spring, MD @the Corpse Fortress
w/Ilsa, Oak, and Midnight Eye
-Thursday, 26th thru Sunday, 29th, OFF
-Monday, 30th, Philadelphia, PA @Blockley Pourhouse
w/Hooded Menace, Ilsa, High Priest, Coffin Dust, and Oak
-Tuesday, 31st, Brooklyn, NYC @Union Pool
w/Hooded Menace, Negative Plane, Ilsa
-Wednesday, June 1st, Indianapolis, IN @The Melody Inn
w/Kata Sarka, Coffinworm +1
-Thursday, 2nd, Milwauke, WI @River Horse
w/ Kata Sarka
-Friday, 3rd, Lansing, MI @Mac’s Bar
w/Kata Sarka, Wastelander, Genocya
-Saturday, 4th, Ft. Wayne @The Brass Rail
w/Kata Sarka, Deep Coiler +1
-Sunday, 5th, Lawrence, KS @TBA
-Monday, 6th, Denver, CO @Old Curtis Street.
W/Acephalix, Undergang, Dodsfalla, Roskopp
-Tues, 7th, Salt Lake City, UT @South Shore
w/Acephalix, Undergang, Yaotl Mictlan
-Thursday, 9th, Seattle, WA @The Black Lodge
W/Society Nurse, Acephalix, Undergang

We will start with noting that, if you live in DC, as I do, they will be invading our boarders, along with a solid lineup of Oak, and Ilsa, on the 25th. If that weren’t enough, let’s take a closer look at some of the other amazing conspirators here: Mammoth Grinder, Thou, Miasmal, Hooded Menage, Negative Plane, Acephalix….It’s like a metal Olympic team.

If, for some reason, none of this is setting off any buzzers in your cultural index, Anhedonist play what I might somewhat erroneously describe as filthy funeral doom. They inhabit the trail of blood slowly drug through the mud and filth, flowing through the hair from the head of a small girl, whose lifeless, butchered corpse is being carried through the woods. Still nothing? Well, here’s not one, but two tracks to bring forth the excitement of your fervored sorrow:

See you in the gloom…….

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