Clicks and Whistles Are Amazing and I’m an Asshole

Ok, so I fucked up. That’s pretty much my unspoken present tense middle name, right after the “Clinton.” The entire time I was hammering out my roundup of DJ wares, I could not help but think that I was leaving something highly crucial out. (Let’s be a little fair, I was writing this while waiting for pieces from other projects, at 5:00AM.)

I’m the fucking douche who forgot to mention that my favorite new progressive garage act, Clicks & Whistles dropped a new two track single of, “Cranberry Goose,” and, “Radiator,” on the 3rd. The dynamic duo is comprised of Jorge, and Petey. One of whom I am unfamiliar with, and the other I talk to damn near every day, (usually to say, “Hey where’s that piece you owe me about people showing off tattoos that they will regret for the rest of their lives?”)

While I might have come to know Petey through Tittsworth’s site, and, by proxy, the music of Clicks & Whistles, they are coincidentally right on the mark of the dreamy swirls of echoing synth, coupled with the triggered snares and hi-hats of dirty south, that I am so enamored with right now. This is all the genius flowing from the UK right now, via places like Night Slugs and kin, but it’s refreshing to see more heads in state weaving these progressive webs. If you know what I’m referring to, then your lips should be whetting already. If you are unaware, take names such as Kingdom (He is perfect), Girl Unit, Jacques Greene, Nguzunguzu, FaltyDL, Untold, and hell, just look up Canblaster anyway (I know I’m traversing a wide spectrum here, but you get the idea).

I think, “Cranberry Goose,” is a solid piece of work in this frame, but I’m almost a bigger fan of, “Radiator,” as it floats from molecule to molecule before casting off a rift carving bassline. The release itself is out on Embassy Recordings, but you should give these fine gems a taste now (and while you’re at it, grab a remix from XLR8R, by Distal):

Petey, I still love you; take me back.

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