Everyone I Know is a DJ…Doing Awesome Stuff Mega Roundup

First things first, I like electronic music, I am involved in the DJ community, I DJ. Don’t like it? I have less care than for a single flake of skin I might lose in a day. Skip to the Anhedonist tour post. But know that I will regularly wax poetic about this…

Which brings us to this daikaiju of a roundup post. Really, I’m just playing catchup here. So many people I know have done so many inzzane things in the DJ world, in the past few months, there is no levy on earth to hold it. I’m sure from here on out I will post things as they occur, but for now let’s search the recent past into the near future, Egadzz, where to even begin…

We will start with a little Moombahton mix to get things rolling. I met and instantly bonded with CaryDFunk over the summer of Moombaton, via Dave Nada’s, never to be created again, Moombahton Mondays in DC. Cary lives in NY, but that doesn’t stop his obsession with electronic music, not to mention his good taste. He regularly does gigs around the NYC area, but isn’t really on the super-producer tip. None of this matters as he recently dropped an epic mix of the more near and dear tracks to his dance-beating heart. Humorously, Cary was a bit taken back by the amount of love he got for this mix, but I say he deserves even more. With that note, give this sucker a spin, (though you will need to pause it from time to time):

Feeling the groove a bit now? Good. Let’s progress. In a similar vein, the mighty Dave Nada recently curated a 2001 epicced mix for Mad Decent called Blow Your Head Vol.2 Moombahton This one is the fucker of mothers. As you can see, the tracklist is bananas:

Sandro Silva feat. Isa GT
Diplo & Dillon Francis feat. Maluca
DJ Melo
Shabba Ranks
El General
Toy Selectah feat. DJ Blass
South Rakkas Crew
Tittsworth & Alvin Risk
Natalie Storm
Dennis Ferrer
Kito & Reija Lee

Ok, so the mix isn’t actually out yet. It doesn’t drop publicly until May 31st, but that doesn’t stop you champing at the bit with this teaser mix:

Moving right along the Moombahton pipeline, deaDCity’s own Billy the Gent just dropped a new EP. It’s been fairly epic to watch Billy knuckle down on the idea of production and really come out the other side of the journey a high standing member of the producer community. Mini plug, The Gent is also a tattoo artist at my favorite DC shop, Tattoo Paradise. At any rate, this prodigal son, Billy the Gent teamed up with other keepers of the midi-DJ JWLS and Long Jawns to drop the VIBRATE CHICK EP. And once again, let’s cut away to the promo mix:

Ok, ready to make the switch with me? How many of you are now grimacing from that pun? If you are then you not only know that Johnny Love’s “The Switch” track has been slaying dancefloors for months now, but also is the self same title of his new EP, under the Johnny Love name. Newly dropped on T&A, the whole things smacks of banger mastery. Obviously the title track is the first bullet in chamber, but I find myself dropping the grimey waves of, “Voodoo,” even more. It’s one hell of a release from a guy who’s a kindred spirit of the dark (We both have histories with Worlds of Darkness). This time you get, not a teaser mix, but the whole damned EP to preview:

This carries us dark into the night of Johnny’s alter ego (probably not alter): Deathface. Stretching his leathery hands taughtly into this glove, Deathface has unleashed some of the most brutal (umlaut included) dubstep that I have ever heard. It isn’t the most piercing, it isn’t the most leviathan, it’s just an axe to the back of the neck. At any rate, he is currently on tour promoting his rather recently dropped, “Fall of Man,” EP on none other than Trouble & Bass, (probably the DJ crew that I hold the most affinity for in the US). The first time I heard the title track, (well, my initial response was to freak out over him using a sample from the Coven mass), was to freeze in disbelief in the same way I imagine a private does the first time it’s raining empty shells around him on the battlefield. It’s just…Well…put on your best headphones, or turn your studio monitors and sub all the way up, and prepare to smash your furniture:

Every track is more unbelievably merciless to the point where even I am not sure where to play the ones that are a damn near spot on homage to the most sandpapered Atari Teenage Riot tracks. However, there is another standout banger, BloodRave. This love song to both the Pump Panel remix of Confusion, and the opening scene to Blade, is another Johnny track I regularly find myself giving a spin, much to the delight and/or terror of the crowd. In fact, Johnny went so far as to have a real live music video made (Uber dick move, I’m actually in this video. You can play’s where’s goth Waldo, while knowing that, if my ego was so large that I could not hold my own head up, I would also have posted the behind the scenes video I made.)

Making a parallel maneuver here, we find ourselves faced with the very very recent announcement of T&B’s own midnight queen of bass, Star Eyes, dropping her new EP, White Gloves, which is slated to rise from the grave on June 7th. Star Eyes is a mother fucking monster on the decks (still one of the most memorable sets at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, and I’ve seen her spin times beyond count). She dives head on into the world of nasty bass where creatures such as myself lurk in the darkness. So, it’s no surprise that here her newest offering is a mixture of grime, dubstep, and general club bangery. I’m crossing the fingers of everyone I have locked in my basement, that she does a proper tour on this.

This brings us right back around to where we started, with just a dash of collusion. While I may work on his site, and be helping with the promo for this, I don’t think anyone who has heard any of the tracks from the new collaborative album that Tittsworth has done with Alvin Risk has felt that each and every number was not red hot lava. The first track, Pendejas, turned clubs into recreations of Trancers when it first dropped at the Moombahton Mondays last summer. Since then, this duo as forged three other majestic tracks, “Porcacheese,” “La Campana,” (with Maluca), and “Carta Boost,” with the godfather of Baltimore club himself, Scottie B. The full EP is, “Two Strokes Raw,” and it is being loosed from its cage, by Plant Music, on Friday May 20th. Unfortunately there is no sweet teaser here, as I can’t remember the login for Tittsworth’s soundcloud account, and he hasn’t gotten that far down in his inbox yet. However here is some amateur footage of, “Pendejas” dropping at the video shoot for the joint:

(Sweet cameo by Billy the Gent)

Beyond the album drop, and hopefully another soon for the, “Pendejas,” video, we’re throwing a killer party here in DC, at, duhbviously, U Street Music Hall, so since I’ll be doing this, like 8.999 million times here are links to:

The Uhall Website

The Facebook event


It all goes down the day after the release, Saturday, May 21st. Be there for the epic fist pumping, and house leveling drops.

Finally, to send you off in style, Titts’ cohort in crime on the new EP, Alvin Risk, just gave out his fucking badger of a dubstep track, a remix of Matt and Kim’s, “Cameras.” The cells of my brain seize up at just the idea of trying to give words to this pulse cannon. Needless to say, every head in the DMV has jumped free of their skin upon first hearing this. Alvin even had the video remixed, so turn the speakers in your cubicle desktop all the way up, terrorize your co-workers with this, and then grab the track all posterity:

And with that bang, I hope that you have enough treasure to last you until next Halloween…See you in the club.

(Also, forgive the tight spacing on this one, but, there is only so much room in universe.)

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  1. DJ music is fine dude, but nothing in the world beats RZL DZL!

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