Friday Mix-Tape Wrangler

Unlike me, I imagine most of you are stuck in the confines of a horribly existential crisis known as the, “cubicle.” This modern machine is more or less the ultimate incarnation of a Foucaultian nightmare. You, of flesh and bone need tools to carve through this cellular prison. And that’s where I come in. For most of you, it’s the Friday death march of lethargy. So, I’ve whipped up a whole host of mixes to get you through it. None of these mixes are new, and most of them have been spoken of, at length, on other blogs. So, while I’m not dropping any mad knowledge here, I am offering a smattering of exciting sounds take your brain to a happier place.

First and second, we have a double bladed battle axe from my favorite webzine: CVLT NATION. A few weeks ago they dropped a brutal mix of metal, grind, crust, and more. I can’t say how many times I’ve listened to this mix, but it has helped me through the final incantations of the midnight hours. Standout track for me, here, is Endless Disease : Destroy Your Fucking Life. It hits all the rungs on the brutality tree. (Apparently they are unsigned, so labels, look into this.)

Hot on it’s horned heels, the site also dropped a mix from it’s newest initiant, JG from Drainland. It’s the same theme as the the above mix, but here, things seem to churn more, and you can easily imagine bone converting to pulp under the strength of this mix. I have not had as much of a chance to go on a voyage with this one, but I assure you, it will have you wild in the streets.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ok, ready? We’re going to grind across some massive gears here. Don’t mind the sound or the smell; this is something you will have to get used to with me. As of late I’ve been popping a lot of underground hip-hop, in a certain vein. (I like Kreayshawn, and I think The Hood Chef is a genius.) Needless to say, I was fairly stoked when the new Spaceghostpurrp mixtape dropped. (*Author’s Note: This was supposed to go up Wed, and this is the exact spot where I picked back up, two days later, after terror-plot revealing bouts of exhaustion. Watch as my train of thought slips into delirium*) Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6 is hayride straight to hell, starting with declarations of the masses of people who are going there. Then the snares kick in, the treble blows out, and it’s filthy rhymes and riddims with triggered samples of terror smeared throughout the whole thing. It has all the creep and vulgarity you might imagine from violence to far line crossed sexual commentary. Now, don’t get me wrong, this could be because I think two of the most important artists in hip-hop are Kool Keith and the Gravediggaz, but this is my idea of a hella-trill basement tape.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Blazin right along in similar swag is White Girl Mob rider, V-Nasty with her ish recently released mix, Dont Bite Just Taste. It’s another mad rant through this new pack of hip-hop underdwellers. Out of the box, it’s a lethal drinking game for dropping the word “bitch,” and the nast only picks up from there. (To be fair, the opening track is called, “Bitch Anthem.”) By the time you reach the V-Nasty, Kreayshawn freestyle you should be spliff floating through cloud nine.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Finally, let’s real it back in, but just a touch. I don’t when this next mix dropped, but it’s literally the direct latitude and longitude of where I am with the DJ world right now. RL Grime‘s LFTF M3GA MIX weaves perfectly through the worlds of progressive bass music, and dirty south hip-hop. I knew it would be solid architecture when pressing play enveloped me in the familiar intro of Girl Unit’s, “Showstoppa.” From there you flow straight into a Diplo remix of a Kelly Rowland track featuring Lil Wayne. Really if you are in this this universe where garagey synths fly on the wings of popping snares, the you’ll be more than pleased to see names such as: XXXY, Rick Ross, Jacques Greene, Ludacris, Canblaster, Lil Flip, Kingdom, and reams more. (Did I mention Archangel- Burial for the fatality win?) In fact, there are nearly 40 tracks on this earthmover of tomorrow. I will admit that I am not very aware of RL Gime, but for the record, this is all I want to play and all I want to hear. Use this one to finish off your day in correct style:

And this, my friends and family, should keep you drifting, cartoon-like, through the entirety of the weekend. Don’t be prudish, we have enough conservatives in the DMV; listen to all of them from beginning to the echoes of their very ends.

This is my streaming rodeo. Drop me line in the comments below to enlighten me to the mixes that have been pushing your special button….

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