Listen to the Entire New Puerto Rico Flowers Record “7”

I have been a die hard PRF fan since before the first EP dropped. Deeply mired in the more downtrodden sounds of the past several years, I find myself particularly drawn to this group for a number of reasons. Where similar artists would drive the ship with synths or even beats, here, John Sharkey III chooses an exceedingly signature bassline to be the prime mover of the sounds, followed a close second by an always driving back beat. Obviously, it goes without saying that the billowy smoke of Sharkey’s midnight crooning is head and shoulders above every other artist in this spectrum (though I could say that Shannon Funchess comes a close second). Finally, it’s the combination of both solid production and damned ingenious pop sensibilities that make Puerto Rico Flowers rise above.

The upcoming “7” album, on Fan Death Records, is the next step of evolution for this thick tree. Here PRF sees it’s first proper full length drop, and has run head-on to fill it with more timeless odes. I make the following statement as purely a fan alone, not as someone who is in support of this release: I have listened to these tracks over and over again a thousand times, and each and every one lands solidly on these ears.

But don’t just take my word for it. Today on Error-Vizion we are fortunate enough to stream the entire album, from beginning to end. As I said, the opus as whole is solid enough to sink the Titanic, however standout tracks include, “I Feel Good,” the obvious, “3 Sisters,” and the epically somber, “Freezing Tears.” This is the music you will lipsync to in the mirror at midnight, while you try to sort out the distasteful parts of your life. Now press play:

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