New CREEP-“You” Track/Video

Yes, I know it’s late in the afternoon, and this has already made the rounds. But some of us are still trying to get back on treatment for Crohn’s and don’t feel like conquering the world at 9AM. Back to the point at hand…..

Ever since I heard about Lauren Flax’s new musical endeavor with Lauren Dillard, titled CREEP, I have been hypnotized. This duo fuses together a joint of that place where progressive electronic music is toying with traditional R&B sounds, along with the downtrodden aesthetic of dark (dare I use the verboten term “goth”) culture, and pop sensibilities that are as catchy as a drug habit. I still use any and every excuse to drop, “Days,” on the decks, and I’ve been waiting with baited breath for their next auditory installment.

The wait is over, and I’d say, well worth it. The new track “You” comes out soft gloved swinging with the help of none other than the Shining-esque Nina Sky. It’s a snare rattled lament with all the richness of a lover’s funeral. As with, “Days,” I’m certain there will be a whole host of remixes, for which I am equally excited.

Rolling off a couch a friends house around noon, feeling as though I had a horrendous hangover, even though I don’t drink, this track was what I needed to face the day.

CREEP – You (feat Nina Sky) from OFFICIAL CREEP on Vimeo.

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