Friday Mix Roundup 2

While I don’t intend for this to be a regular series, at present, here is another roundup of mixes to get you through the weekend.

First off, Cvlt Nation is at it again with, thanks Lucifer, another amazing mix of metal most brutal. Blackened Everything CVLT Nation Vol. 2 Mixtape is just what it sounds like, an axe swinging tour through all things blackened, without a hint of remorse. I loved both of the previous mixes this site has dropped, but this one really did it for me. Now let’s get black:

Continuing, not in a metal vein, but in a similar spirit of sounds outside of the club, I could not have been happier to see the new promo mix for Check Your Ponytail. This one features Trouble and Bass’ original man in black, Drop the Lime, but nowhere here will you find any deep exploration of the threshold of bass. What you will find is about an hours worth of gen-u-wine rockabilly. I’m willing to bet a fair number of these come from Drop the Lime’s own vinyl collection. If you are looking for a sweet way to get the night going, this is absolutely it. (I might originally be from Mississippi, where I might have been a part of the rockabilly resurgence of the late 90’s, and I may have mad a massive pompadour at one point.) Don’t get me wrong, I love mixes of electronic music, but, with the locust-like inundation, I’m much more on the lookout for atypical mixes these days. (I’m even taking an active part in this movement.) If anyone else out there find more diamonds in the rough, such as this, please send them my way.

Proving what I just said about electronic music, and continuing the theme of T&B family, sonic bass superstar, Flinch, just dropped a new mix as part of Mishka’s excellent Keep Watch series. It’s another ferocious ride through the perils of dubstep, and it’s pretty freakin awesome. It’s subtle beginnings can only hold on for a minute time-span, before launching into all out dancefloor warfare. I have got to say, this one has been the first play button I’ve hit more than one day this week.

Look, I know Kreayshawn dropped a new track this week, and Lil B Dropped a new mix, but damn if I couldn’t hold back and throw this new Weezy mix in. I love black metal, I love harsh noise, and tend to like things off the beaten path, but goddamn this new Lil Wayne mix is tight. So cut the sleeves off your new Amebix shirt, and just hit dis.

Except that, wait, hold the fucking phone, I don’t know who Math, from Queens NY is, but I stumbled across this mixtape while meandering around the datpiff site. This sounds better to me than any of the mixtapes labeled “hot” on the site, and it’s head and shoulders above any other hip-hop mixes I’ve heard in the past month. This is some straight up Wu-Tang Gravediggaz shit. And while I’m quite certain that the slightly lo-fi aesthetic of this mix is not intentional, this the final nail in the coffin this mix buries me in. Fire this shit up Saturday while you’re trying to get hype for a wild night. Let’s you and I agree to keep up with guy, ok?

Finally, I couldn’t complete this roundup with mentioning thew mix dropped by Tittsworth this week. I, once again, want it to be known that I am not including this because I work on his site, I have no desire to make this a mouthpiece for someone else’s site. I’m dropping it in here, because it’s a solid mix of a ton of new and awesome tracks. There’s more than one track by prodigy, Muchi, there’s Torro Torro, Johnny Love, some mother fucking Figure, and even producer stroke material, Canblaster. This is the one to take you all the way home.

Aight, this should be enough to get you to the depression of Sunday night. I try to keep these as eclectic as my own tastes. Am I leaving something out? Is there a mix that’s really doing it for you? Are there more awesome METAL MIXES I should know about? Holla!

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