All You Need to Know is That Shitstorm is Playing Tonight

If you are anywhere in the DMV tonight, at all cost get to the Red Door and catch amazing power violence grinders, Shitstorm. I first became aware of this brutal powerhouse after setting a show with Chris Moore to celebrate the release of the their split with Magrudergrind, at the old Warehouse Next Door space. The “retro powerviolence” sound was very popular at the time, and there we were inundated with blast beats and pictures of the Ultimate Warrior. But there was something unique about Shitstorm’s sound that pulled them up out of the rest of the pack. The last time they played DC, they turned the soon-to-be new home of Smash! Records into a desolate wasteland. Here is my UFO caught on tape amateur ish footage of that event:

And here are a few deep cuts from the split mentioned above, to get you throwing furniture across the room (So. Fucking. Good.)

While the entire lineup is amazing, the other standout for me on this one, is the terrorgrind of Noisear, a group that I’ve been listening to since Bad People Records put out Hymns for the Hearing Impaired. Again, I could ramble on and on about how hard they grind utilizing imagery about power tools and nuclear fallouts, but who cares when I can just post more amazing tracks to listen to instead:

The rest of the impressive night includes:

THE KILL (grindcore from AUSTRALIA!)
PLATES (weird noisy punk from NY, mem of I OBJECT)
D.O.C. (grindcore from DC, mem of MAGRUDERGRIND)
MIND AS PRISON (grindcore from Baltimore, mem of A WARM GUN)

And while the deets are:

May 23rd
@ The Red Door
443 I st. NW.
Washington, DC
(entrance around the right side. gallery place metro stop)

show @ 7! ALL AGES!

It might behoove you to check out the FB event anyway.

(The sad verdict is out as to whether or not I will be able to make it to this show, as my sched is effed for the next month, but I can’t express how much I support the continuation of bringing bands like this to DC. GO SUPPORT!)

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