I had such a good day today..Excellent morning. I worked a good shift, saw people I think very highly of,  had a superfood juice, made one of the best handpoor coffees ever(anthony, you are a coffee sourcing G of ethiopia) and had a pretty painless close.  Imbibed and enchanted I walked with my friend brian 2 blocks to the red door, a space located at gold leaf studios in DC.

Two blocks.  That’s one of the great things about the red door.  Great space, metro accessible, downtown, it has a loft?!  Too bad out won’t be around much longer.  Why can’t an art space ever thrive in a prime location.  Sucks. 

Anyway.. Now down to why I’ m here.  DOC. 

Thanks guys for making my night and grinding my brain into a pulp.  The way nolan hovers the ground chuttering (I just invinted a word) out graveley unholy guitar riffs, barking into the mic.  That mic wished it had never been born.  Guaranteed.  Angered and shamed.  It crumbled into dust.  I’m saw it man. 


Chris punishing his clear vistilite kit song after song, while delivering searing vocals… yup.   This is a three piece not to be fucked with. 

One of my favorite bands in the area. 

I wanted to stick around but had to take off after noisear.  They were rad, unrelenting techy violence.   Super bummed I didn’t get to catch the kill or shitstorm.  I’ve still never seen shitstorm, one day shitstorm… One day.

I will now end this night with a rillo, lunch meat and a piece of munster cheese that, correct me if I’m wrong but kind of looks like the district.  Right?

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