Re-discover Fridays: Taj Mahal Travelers and The Controllers

It’s Friday and one of the things I always try to do is go through some records I haven’t heard in a long time. I figure why not share with some of you what has popped up on my Friday.

First off is TAJ MAHAL TRAVELERS from Japan. I remember my 22 year old self being completely obsessed with KEIJI HAINO and reading everything I could on what his influences are, and this band would always come up. I never could find their records anywhere, then one day out of the blue this got re-issu ed. Completely freaking I grabbed it right away and pretty much went straight to pay for it. Expecting it to be quite pricey I figured I could swing 25 dollars, but there’s no way it could be much more than that right? 45 Dollars it was and I remember this cause later that day I had to pay a BGE bill and well, all the money went to this record. Anyways I’m not going to bore you with comparing or discribing what Taj Mahal Travelers sounds like but the idea that this kind of weird bend of La Monte Young meets Some weirdo ESP records 70s pysch stuff is still pretty out of this world.

THE CONTROLLERS  I first discovered how many do which is through the KILLED BY DEATH compilations. While many of the KBD comps either fall short IMO or are somewhat over rated, vol 1 and 2 are classics. This single was recorded in 1977 and sounds way more focused and less typical ” ’77 punk braty” as some of their peers. I believe they had a few more singles, and some official/unoffical comps are out ther, I don’t give a shit really to dork around on the internet trying to find all that info. If you have enough sense to read this blog you can use google.

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