Screen Vinyl Image at WIERD tonight in NYC

By now you know the staff here at Error Vizion fully back SCREEN VINYL IMAGE, a band that has taken everything from Minimal Synth, Drone, Shoegaze, Post Punk, and has created a sound all their own. There is no band quite like Screen Vinyl Image, as Still Single’s Doug Mosurock said in his review of the “Siberian Eclipse” 7″:

“Screen Vinyl Image is a DC-area duo that’d have you believe the nascent shoegaze/ethereal bug that bit so many in that town back in the ‘90s is still raising the skin. Surely this single could have been conceived some 15+ years ago, a Bedazzled logo adorning the back of the sleeve, such is the tenor of their maudlin, somewhat discontented sound. It’s refreshing to hear a band more rooted in that chapter than in latter-day revivalism or dress-up, and that they don’t immediately go for supersquall jet engine noise/feedback, nor freezerburnt synth stiffness, is rather refreshing.”

Stream the Siberian Eclipse 7″:

Screen Vinyl Image make their WIERD debut tonight

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