Shameless Self Promotion: Designer Drugs/ No Love Lost/ Puerto Rico Flowers

Needless to say, in case you’ve been looking for my awkward expression on milk cartons, I’ve slammed into the grind of an 80’s upwardly mobile executive for the past few weeks (minus the cocaine and cringe-worthy cars).

Beyond leaving you to your own lonely cultural devices, I’ve also dropped the ball on one of EV’s primary directives: promote. your. shit. here.

While at some point Sean and I will get around to telling you all about both our epic trip to DJ Wierd in NY, to our strange bedfellowed hosting of Martial Canterel back in DC, for now I will catch you up to speed with the epic weekend he and I have ahead:

Yes, I’m not just a DJ, I’m also THAT kind of DJ; the one that falls in the love/hate category. I will still jump on the decks and play new jamz from Trouble & Bass fam, then go home and listen to Black Witchery. Having said that, this Saturday will be an epic experiment in chaos as I play at U Street Music Hall with not only the rising demi-god of Alvin Risk, but the Cthonic elders themselves: DESIGNER DRUGS

Since I’m an AV geek, herez a couple bangs to either get you frothing in the pants or bolting for the door:

This is the jam that’s been a slayer:

And here’s the new jack black spell:

And here’s some ish to nod out to:

Here’s the FB event
Here’s the Uhall Website
And buy your damn tickets

Still with me? …I don’t really care.

Sunday is a double decapitator, and we’ll go with the big news first:

This Sunday Sean will be heading to Philly for the mvther-fvking


What else can we even day about PRF? This is one of the best bands of the past decade, and this full length celebration has an insane lineup:

ICEAGE (Denmark – Dais Records/What’s Yr Rupture)

LEATHER (Jade Tree)

The new album is “7,” it’s, of course, coming out on Fan Death, and if for some reason you have not heard it yet, I present it here in all of its gray hearted glory:

The show is at 9:00PM and is breaking bread at:

Philadelphia, PA

But check out the FB event as well.

Finally, I, like the sinner I am, will be left behind to fend for myself at another addition of No Love Lost. This wraps up our insanely busy NLL June, and sees us plunging into the future. So come and share in the ill-gotten glory of DC’s best and only, whatever-it-is-we-do night.

Maybe ask the Citypaper.
Or just check out the FB event, and come on down……

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