Death Grips – Ex Military Mix Tape

I told Denman, the high priest of Error Vizion, I was gonna write another long tome on Blue Crush 2 this week. But here’s the thing, for someone unemployed, I have a lot going on. I am failing at designing t-shirts and screening them (Hi Mike Dwyer! I haven’t forgotten about you), I’m playing a bunch of music, I’m working on becoming a professional shopper/fashion advisor for ladies (even though I look like a Norwegian troll), dealing with being unemployed, delivering newspapers every other day, publishing books, having existential crisi (is that how you pluralize crisis?), and buying guitars I can’t afford. Shit is getting real in Albuquerque. As such, I just didn’t have the time or energy to deconstruct the worst film ever made this week. I am not sure when I am going to have time to deconstruct said film either or do any of the other massive posts you’ve grown accustomed too. It’s gonna be a few weeks. I know, relief hath come to thy readers of Error Vizion.

However, the fruit of all this work came in the form of Death Grips. I was delivering papers with my friend Nolan, who delivers papers for his part-time job, and he played this mixtape,  Ex Military for me while we delivered the news. While chock full of recognizable samples from Link Wray, The Beastie Boys, Black Flag, Jane’s Addiction and Charlie Manson, This shit is off the hook. It’s dangerous, full of energy and totally raw. Hip Hop over the last few years has failed to impress me but Death Grips makes me want to start a ruckus up in this motherfucker.

I don’t know anything about Death Grips, except that the website they have is full of awesome audio/visual stimulation and you can get into the crunky, cranky, skunky music that will make you want to slam any small child or person into the hood of one of those eco-cars and punch police officers in the face. Then you can go home and smoke some weed, or vacuum the rug or watch The IT Crowd on Netflix or do whatever it is you do after you riot. I like to sip on some wine, eat some pasta in my bathrobe and get a foot massage from a 21-year-old college co-ed. But that probably won’t happen. Death Grips can however. Download this now. Make life better for yourself.

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  1. After first time it gets easy (with the same girl of course.
    Don’t make it obvious, though, for example by constantly looking at her or trying to flirt (unless she flirts with you). Hit her with your best line and she’s going to think, “Really.

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