Purling Hiss – Lounge Lizards EP

Really, can PURLING HISS do no wrong? The new EP entitled LOUNGE LIZARDS is out on Mexican Summer, and it’s a full on rager. Michael Polizze (Birds of Maya) has been pumping out Purling Hiss recordings for a while now, each a bit different than the one before. While the Hissteria LP on Richie Records showed off a heavy dose of  how weird Purling Hiss can get without seeming forced, Lounge Lizards plays out at some points like a total 70s AM pop record.

It wouldn’t be a strech to say that “The Hoodoo” could be the jam of the summer. “Been Teased”, another highlight,  sounds like GG Allin & The Jabbers  with the Fuzz turned all the way up. What makes Purling Hiss so great is the line they walk  in terms of using both riff’s and  Polizze’s soloing without sounding like some wanky psych band trying to impress a bunch of record collector nerds. During the song “City Wide Special” it never goes into noodling terrotory, and every so often hints that Polizze has way more up his sleeve then just heavy riffs, keeping the track fresh as it progresses. I honestly can’t wait to hear what Polizze and co. are gonna do next as future recordings will be recorded with a full band. Check out the video for “The Hoodoo” below and buy the record here

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  1. Absoluter genialer Artikel. Werde jetzt öfter reinschauen Vielen Dank und Grüsse aus Köln

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