Lost Tribe Interview

With certain bands being hyped currently,  it’s no surprise that there is a spotlight on bands with an early post-punk Warsaw or Soviet Sex type sound. While LOST TRIBE might be somewhat comparable to those bands or a Post Punk sound, dig deeper and you hear everyone from Discharge, Bastard, to No Fucker. There is something more agressive than darker when it comes to Lost Tribe. The dark vibe in the songs are used not to dominate the songs,  but used to add a different dimension to the typical Crust Punk sound. In this short interview we discuss the origins of Lost Tribe, the difference in the recordings vs. live, and bullet belts. Check out the demo streaming below and a live video as well. Photos taken by Nathan Jurgenson

Lost Tribe is from Richmond. What is it like there in terms of the bands you all are in, and is the area conducive to what you guys do? 

Richmond has a very active music scene, there are a lot of bands and venues, and a lot of music going on in general. The low cost of living makes it a very easy city to do bands in.

I know some of you are in other bands, how did Lost Tribe form?
Well, Shravan (bass) is in Aghast and SSR, Cory(guitar) is also in Aghast and has played in Helldistort and Syndrome, Davey(vocals) has played drums in Mega Minge and Empty Grave, JK(synth) plays in Caves Caverns, and Kyle (drums) played drums in the lesser known band, Pissheads. Lost Tribe formed when Davey, Cory and Kyle started messing around, but once Shravan joined, the band started to take shape. JK recorded the demo and played synth on it, and then joined a few months later.
I hear almost two different bands live vs recorded, how old are the songs from the cassette? The live videos I have seen make those songs seem even more aggressive. Is that just how it comes out live or is that how the band is progressing?
The songs from the tape were made in the Fall of 2010, as for the aggressive live show that’s just how it comes out…we’re aggressive guys.
When I first heard you guys I thought of something like The accused or Discharge meets Skeletal Family. There is certainly something dark going on, was that something you wanted to bring to the forefront? There seems to be a trend developing in terms of ripping off darker post punk/goth but it seems like you all are coming from more of a Hardcore/crust/oi place, is this fair to say
Yes, we wanted to do a blend of post punk and dark 80s punk. Having never tried to do anything like this before it just came out as it did.
One of the other thing’s i have noticed is the vocals are really up front and not buried and muddled which is why I like the studio recordings, is that something you guys did on purpose? 
Yes we were very deliberate as to how we wanted our songs mixed.  Sort of delicate but aggressive at the same time.
One of the best songs on the demo is ‘The Laughter’ which seems really different from the others. What I really like about this song is the bass and drums really keep this in check but still seems to be the least post punk sounding, it almost reminds me of a dark neon christ song or something, how do songs get written and is it a joint effort?
Usually its a joint effort, the first 4 songs took about 6 months to write, and since then we have become quicker with song writing and now have eleven songs.
What is next? recordings?
We just finished recording tracks for an upcoming LP and EP.
I demand more bullet belts worn by this band, can you guys make that happen?

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