Beasts of No Nation Play Fort Reno Tonight in DC

Just a quick heads up that punk rock stage slayers, Beasts of No Nation are taking the helm of DC’s longstanding Fort Reno series tonight. Lions & Tigers & Whales were slated to play with them in NY last night, but do to some american complications, they were forced to pull out of the bill. So we are even more stoked to see them play in DC tonight.

If, for some reason, you are not familiar with the group, Beasts of No Nation, yes, does contain mem of, Trial by Fire, Darkest Hour, Majority Rule, and The Explosion, but I only mention that in hopes that fans of those groups might turn an ear in this direction.

With an incredibly tight sound, Beasts stand firmly on their own identity, and it’s monolithic in stature. Check out a little footage I snagged of the group, a year or so ago, at the Back Cat in DC:

Tonight’s lineup is:

Beasts of No Nation
Valley Tours

Fort Reno is located across the street from Woodrow Wilson High School.
All shows begin promptly at 7:15pm
and are over by 9:30pm

More info on their site

See you tonight!

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