HI. I’m Daniel.

Here is my introduction. It’s not long as I have some other things to do today, but here is a taste of what you’ll be getting from me. A mix of metal, eccentric music and electronic is what you’ll find on my posts, and probably things going on in the world, and movie suggestions, OH! and website suggestions.

Just a little about me, I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I live in a mountainous, deciduous terrain. Its a really dreamy little town.  I’m a music person, I’ve played in thrash/punk/hardcore bands, but my main gig these past 3 years has been electronic music production and DJing.

Here are two songs for my post!

AGRIMONIA is a very mind expanding “crust” band. I would rather just call them what they are, Swedes playing metal. They always do a good job.

JOYLESS. I’ve REALLY been into this album / band. For fans of Royal Trux. This is some more Scandinavians playing some expansive shit. This is like 90s rock and folk and country being played by ex black metallers from Forgotten Woods. Enjoy.

That’s all for now,


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