Friend Collector: The New Flesh in Baltimore

Yeah okay I fucking get it, cheesey title for a blog post sure, but The New Flesh were and always will be my favorite band to ever come out of Baltimore. While it seems The New Flesh are done, Friend Collector not only fills that void, but might be just as exciting. Friend Collector, which consists of 2 members of The New Flesh, follows through on the promise of what the debut New Flesh LP set forth. While Parasite, the first New Flesh LP, seemed more in tune with slow pounding over the head songs, at least live, Friend Collector seems to want to hit you directly in the face over and over and over again. Though right when you don’t think you can take anymore, Friend Collector pretty much kick you when you are down as highlighted around the 13 min. mark of this live set. What really sets this band apart from any real New Flesh comparison is the direct urgency from Jason Donnells.With New Flesh and Pfisters he always sounded like a man at the end of his rope, but in Friend Collector he sounds like he’s hanging himself from the rope (or just pissed off at the poor showing the O’s have made this season), either way, Donnells has never sounded this sure and desperate. From what I understand they are just about finished studio recordings.

Friend Collector – Live at The Golden West

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