Axiom Mix Series Vol. 1-3

It feels like just yesterday I was using Audio-galaxy and Napter to discover Throbbing Gristle LPs I’ve never heard before, find all the live Sun Ra records in existence, or satisfying my love for Chicago by downloading the first 3 LPs. Of course those places are gone now or are radically different from what they originally were, but with Spotify it feels like I’m re-discovering music again. I really can’t stress how much I love Spotify, not only do I have tons of music at my finger tips, it also makes it a lot easier to discover new stuff. I’m sure by now most of you have heard what Spotify does, so I won’t bore you with what it is. Sure there are drawbacks, much of which has to do with the music that is NOT on there yet, but I’m sure it will only get better.

Furthermore, I understand there are services somewhat similar in a lot of ways, I won’t get into that here, what I will get into though is the idea of sharing playlists (for those of you already familiar with this, you can ignore the next couple of sentences). I love the idea of being able to create a mix on the fly anywhere you are and share it with anyone who has a Spotifly account and has synced it up to their Facebook. No longer do you need to know how to stream stuff, zip stuff,  or upload to a website/downloading site. For the past 2 weeks every Thursday or so I’ve tried to create a new playlist mix. It forces me to re-discover old music, and discover new stuff as well.  I know a few blogs do a “Spotifriday”, I won’t be doing that, but every so often I will post a few volumes of the mixes I do. I’m sure there will a bit of something for everyone in these mixes, much like the radio show I did in college, you might love 1/3rd of the stuff, hate 1/3rd of the stuff, and just be fucking confused about the other 1/3rd. Ultimately, in the end, that’s the way I think good and interesting mixes should be.

Here are the first three, you can find me on Spotify here.

Axiom Vol. 1

Adrenalin O.D. – Paul’s Not Home
Sir Richard Bishop – Gnostic Gem
My Dad Is Dead – The Quiet Man
Negative FX – I Know Better
Pascal Comelade – Bar Electric
Crispy Ambulance – Not What I Expected
Babes In Toyland – He’s My Thing
Einstürzende Neubauten – Zuckendes Fleisch
Yusef Lateef – Love Waltz
Dead Can Dance – Fortune (Remastered)
Silkworm – Give Me Some Skin
Free Kitten – Seasick
Morton Feldman – Journey To The End Of Night – 1
Xmal Deutschland – Tag Für Tag
Survival Research Laboratories – October 24, 1992: Graz, Austria
Gang Gang Dance – Adult Goth
KK Null – 2
Pharoah Sanders – Astral Traveling

Axiom Vol. 2

Thrilled Skinny – Good Doss
Purling Hiss – Run From the City
Taake – Hordalands Doedskvad part I
Loren Connors – On Patrick Hill
Killing Joke – Unspeakable (Live at Odeon)
Julie Doiron – Mother
McCoy Tyner – Mode To John
Blurt – Smoke Time
Tony Conrad With Faust – The Death Of The Composer Was In 1962
PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me
Windir – Sognariket Si Herskarinne
Richard Youngs – Part II
Mudhoney – Here Comes Sickness – Live At KCSB 11/16/88
Killdozer – Farmer Johnson

Axiom Vol. 3

Bill Orcutt – My Reckeless Parts
Government Issue – Snubbing
THE NAMES – The Fire
The Shivvers – Teenline
Ornette Coleman – The Alchemy Of Scott Lafaro
Chickins – Chickins Theme
Iannis Xenakis – Plektó
60 Étages – The Blank Invasion Of Schizofonics Bikinis
Sort Sol – Marble Station
Incapacitants – Mutual Fund Explosion – Backwards
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Where Does Yer Go Now?
Le Volume Courbe – I Killed My Best Friend
Urban Waste – No Hope
Ikue Mori – 8 Million Ways To Die
The Fiends – Asian White
Jarboe – Late Night
Zeena Parkins – Sleep

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  1. Adrenaline OD-Paul’s Not Home, for the total win.

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