Hated Youth: Kill A Punk On A Sunday

It’s a lazy Sunday for me, and usually with those I tend to gravitate towards records I haven’t listened to in awhile. Today it was Hated Youth – “Hardcore Rules” LP. There is a certain flow this record has in terms of pacing I enjoy that reminds me of Ramones “Rocket to Russia” or the first Necros 7″. The vocals are super buried in this record, which I enjoy way more than a vocalist that stands out. It might seem like pretty standard hardcore affair, but what really makes up for it is the constancy of the songs. For example a song like ‘Fear Us’ has such a rock vibe that it breaks up the record pretty nicely and ultimately is a nice separation from ‘Kill A Punk’, and ‘Total Control’. For my money, Hated Youth is the best band to ever come from Florida (Right behind Morbid Opera who Hated Youth shared a 7″ with called “We Can’t Help it We’re From Florida”),  and are honestly one of my favorite hardcore bands, period.  I highly recommend seeking out the “Hardcore Rules” LP or 7″, every song is a banger, and really, you know it’s gonna be good with a song called ‘Army Dad’.

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