Let the Devil In


In Chattanooga, TN we are lucky enough to have a Vegan cafe that allows people to book events in the basement, (there is also a Sluggo’s in Pensacola, FL that is known for its split identity as a venue.) We are also lucky enough to have this one hell of a show going down on the 30th. So here’s a little bit about the bands playing.

FADED are local veterans of hardcore and unfortunately their “Subconcious Infiltration” EP will be their last. A very mature and brooding, but energetic collection of songs here, blending funeral dirge, delay and reverb guitar sounds, and 90’s hardcore. The lyrics owe alot to the New Age / Occult used book section… Just be prepared if you listen to this. This isn’t your inexperienced, typical, spelled-out-for-you hardcore punk. If you are in the area, this will be their final show, as the drummer is joining another band and moving away to Austin, TX. DOWNLOAD “SUBCONCIOUS INFILTRATION” HERE : D/L

On tour and coming through Chattanooga, will be the inflammatory and pulverizing band DEAD IN THE DIRT from Atlanta, GA. Check out their tour dates below, and in the mean time, go download their “FALL TOUR EP” at Toxicbreed’s Funhouse.

YAUTJA, named after the folklore from the film PREDATOR, are a hardcore / metal band from Nashville. They will be joining the show as well, and fucking aye, this band rips my jaw off my face and nails my dick to a baby’s finger. Download their stuff : HERE.

Last but not least will be the new local melodic death metal band, UNSPOKEN TRIUMPH. News around town is that they draw quite a good crowd, and a young energetic one at that. You should go give them a listen here!


Phew! Now that the promo is over, I can now post about what I’ve been wanting to!

SECRET GUILT is the noise / power electronics project of Tony Levi, a local torch bearer in the underground of my city. He has been a part of several awesome projects, like the most recently defunct grindcore / dbeat / sludge band GRAVEBOUND. (Download their record “STABBING CONTEST” : here), runs an AWESOME music / movie blog called BLOOD TRANSMISSION (check it here) and an a very mysterious black metal only blog (here).

I have a feeling that he will be getting another spotlight on Errorvizion very soon, so keep yer eyes peeled!

Here is SECRET GUILT’S new song and it’s fucking retarded (awesome.) (Link leads to his soundcloud.)


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