King Blood – Eyewash Silver (repress)

King Blood

Eyewash Silver

Ignorant Gore (2010)//Permanent Records (2011)

I had heard of this King Blood LP through some friends, though by the time I tried to search for it myself it was gone. Though it was not surprising Permanent would reissue this considering their releases from Cave and Purling Hiss.  “Black Money” begins and there is something immediately grabbing about the record, almost as if you have heard these riffs somewhere before.  There’s very little bombastic guitar playing, which lends to the idea that the riffs are what drives the song and that is all. Unlike High Rise for example, who tend to take a riff and hide it behind complete shredding, songs like “End of a Primitive” and  “Poison in jest” seems contempt on feedback and riff repeating to do all the talking. Of course that’s not to say that is bad in anyway, it actually works really well due to the pacing of the songs. “Sinful Woman”  is a nice break from riffing and uses what sounds like a banjo to drive the short but well executed song.   “Moon in the Guter” is where it gets a bit more dynamic with its pounding bass line almost like a psychedelic take on an industrial song until it almost falls apart. With Eyewash Silver only  clocking in a touch over 30 minutes it happens to flow by quickly, which in turn, helps you realize that King Blood goes for quality and never crosses the line of self indulgence. It’s this quality that makes you want to come back to the record over and over again. How could you ask for anything more? 300 copies, hand numbered .

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