Rediscover Fridays

We here at Error Vizion are happy to bring you a new feature every Friday called “Rediscover Fridays”. It’s pretty straight forward as it’s just anything that we have well, rediscovered. Enjoy.

The Soft Machine – Thank You Pierrot Lunaire/Have You Ever Been Green

I remember hearing Vol. 2 blasting from my roommates room 7 years or so ago I could quite put my finger on why I liked it. Maybe it was the fact it sounded like a weirder but less proggy Yes. I really love this little tune as it reminded me something Paul McCartney would do on his Ram LP.

No Fucker – s/t 7″

I’m not sure if this band is together anymore. I was dying to get them to play DC a few years ago. It almost happend, but the band kind of decided to break up a day before the show I think? What a bummer, but this 7″ and the few that proceeded it slay completely.

Quix*o*tic – Ice Cream Sunday

One of the most underrated DC bands of the ’00s. I saw them play fort reno once or twice and was blown away at how well they played together live but also how quiet they were without making it boring.  The vocals are what really makes Quix*o*tic stand out to me as they had some what of a “dark” vibe to them. The Black Sabbath cover on this LP is awesome as well.

Nicole 12 – Semen on Braces

Slow driving power electronics. The “vocals” are buried pretty deep and are lower in tone than some other PE groups which honestly can be annoying at times, so I really enjoy how this is done. There’s ton’s of CDr’s etc. out there. As always, some of it’s good, some of it is just goofy. Though this 7″ is killer.  This guy also does the project Grunt.

Res – They Say Vision

I always ask myself why the hell this song didn’t take over the world. The slide guitar in the chorus is so fucking addicting. The flow of this song is perfect, Janelle Monae’s voice seriously does remind me of Res whenever I hear it.

Akutt Innleggelse – Den Fortapte Generasjonen

Akutt Innleggelse were a hardcore band from Norway. I think this might have been taken from their 9 song demo from ’84 but if anyone knows let me know. Typical hardcore, but done really well. Bass riff is killer on this. It’s awesome, what more can I say?

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