Monday Power Pop Mix

It’s another Monday morning and my Ravens lost, so I need a good pick me up. First band that always comes to my mind  when thinking of Power Pop is the terribly underrated Superdrag. It’s a shame that they might only be known for their Buzz Bin hit “Sucked Out” cause as their debut LP, Regretfully Yours proved, Superdrag was a mix between My Bloody Valentine, Husker Du, and The Beach Boys. Later albums dove into more straight ahead heavy Power Pop as well as some weird Psych experiments as well.

Spiltsville, from Baltimore, also never got their due. I’m not sure if there was ever a place for them in Charm City, which sucks because their songs are extremely well written. I saw these guys I think when I was 14 or something at a local showcase at Merriwether. Of course every other band sucked but these guys. I picked up Repeater, partly because I found out they were on the same label as Shonen Knife or something. A few years later they did a tribute LP of sorts in the style of The Beach Boys Pet Sounds and The Beatles Revolver, which pretty much worked, though it was a little cheese ball at times.

The Shivvers from Milwaukee were a band from 1979-82 and should have probably been the biggest band in the world. Though I guess like the press release for the collection CD they put out a few years back said, if they were from NYC they would have been huge.  Love the vocals, which to me is what makes them special beyond the solid and catchy song writing. It’s a bit of the pretenders, it is a bit of the Raspberries, but it all rules.

The Riff Doctors with “Turn Me On” add a little bit of twang to your Power Pop or whatever. Here is a killer demo from this band, not sure if they did anything more than this. I guess North Carolina didn’t have much of a Power Pop scene.

I love Charlotte Hatherley, pretty much every LP she’s done has been Power Pop bliss. She used to play guitar for Ash, thought it seems she wanted to venture out on her own a bit, and with the LPs she’s recorded i’m glad she did. She does a good job at combining XTC, Chicago, Guided By Voices, and even Marnie Stern. “Kim Wilde” is from her first LP which is much more straight forward Power Pop than her last two LPs. You can hear a bit of the Ash influence in this one.

Jellyfish were one of those bands where their ambitions might have gotten the best of them, or at least when their last LP, Splitmilk, came out in 1993. Listening to “Joining A Fan Club” they seem to verge on channeling Queen or something. I’m not gonna complain though, as it’s something like that which separates them from the more normal Power Pop bands listed above.

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