Rediscover Friday

We are at another Friday, this week it’s been all about Jazz for me. I used to spend a lot of my time in my late teens early 20s trying to find every BYG/ESP/Impulse etc record I could afford. Needless to say that’s partly why I was broke most of the time. What’s really interesting is that when I first started listening Jazz I decided (stupidly) to not give Bop/Hard Bop a chance. I thought to my ears it just sounded like “Grampa Jazz”, a few years ago it finally just hit me, maybe it was the early 60s Blue Note records I tried to collect, who knows.

Sonny Red – Nadia

Sonny Red did a killer one off LP with Blue Note. Hard Bop is one of those things that took me time to really enjoy, not sure why. Roy Brooks is on fire here, no crazy fills, just keeping the beat along until he goes into this crazy solo which for me, makes the song brilliant.

Art Brooks – side 1

It looks like Night Caller by Art Brooks is a private press LP. It really does sound like a lost ESP release or something. What makes this LP stand out is its almost “drone” atmosphere to it.  Not really quite sure  much else about this record though

Sunny Murray – Black Art

Sunny’s Time Now was one of the first LP’s I had listened to after being obsessed with Albert Ayler for the longest time. This record is in my top ten Jazz LPs of all time if I had to make one. What made this interesting was going from the almost spiritual political leanings of say Sun Ra or Ayler to this. Here Murray goes for the throat instead of sugar coating anything.

Duke Pearson – Sudel

Another Hard Bop record. This I believe came out in 1966, it’s pretty well executed Hard Bop stuff. The impressive thing about this song specifically is Joe Henderson’s playing. His solo is spot on and doesn’t seem too agressive with the notes.

Ornette Coleman – Doughnuts

Ornette isn’t playing to agressive here, but that’s what I love about this cut. Also David Izenzon  really pushes this song to be great. Just completely adding certain notes and a vibe to this version that is just awesome to hear.

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