DC pours the shit out of Philly

Latte art.

Latte art is one of the things that differentiates specialty or “third wave” coffee from other coffee and coffee shops.  I covered the May TNT (Thursday Night Throwdown) which was held at BIG BEAR CAFE. Art was poured free hand. Brains became dizzy from beer and cocktails.  Floors were danced upon (see one, Mr. Pat Henning). Hometown pride isn’t enough anymore.  Which is the exact reason why Josh from Chinatown Coffee took it upon himself to  go to Philedelphia last thursday for their Thursday Night Throwdown, held at Town Hall Coffee.  To try his portafiltering hand at battle!!  We’ll get to the winner in a minute…

So, I’m at work a couple weeks ago and I was visited by none other than Christy Baugh, Jewdith Mandel and Brian Duggan. They never need a reason to show their beautiful faces in my shop but Christy was holding a video camera in her hand so naturally I asked her what she was up to.  She told me that her and her coffee associates were going around making a video for Philly.  “What about Philly and why?” I asked.  They said there was a latte art competition going down between Philly and DC … how exciting!  “Then what’s the video for…. ” I asked. To which Christy explained “It’s going to be a video of people from DC talking smack on Philly”

So let me get this straight Christy Baugh .. you want to record me, talking a bunch of shit on Philadelphia.

The city of “Brotherly Love”?  The home of the famous “Philly Cheesesteak”? The city where great sports teams like The Phillies, Eagles and Flyers reside? Um, yeah let’s fucking do this!

A week passes.

I’m at work and Alex Bean hands me a disc.  This disc has the following video on it.

Moments after watching it Josh Croston walks through the door. He saw what we were watching and went,”oh yeah I won that; it was great” He told me that he took the bus up the day of the competition, showed them the video, competed, had a great time, saw some friends and then came back. To which I replied, “So let me get this straight, you took a $17 bus to Philly, signed up for a latte competition, showed a room full of Philly baristas a video .. of me and fellow DC baristas and residents explaining what a TERRIBLE place Philidelphia is … you then won the latte art competition, got on a bus and came back home?”. HAHAH amazing.  Eat it Philly.

See you October 20th at Big Bear for the DCxPhilly TNT.  Y’all gonna be bleeding cheez whiz.

Ian M W Thompson

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