Photos: Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum Benefit Show

all images in this post by nathan jurgenson

The house where Poe lived and wrote many of his stories is in trouble. When the city of Baltimore threatened to cut funding to the Poe House Museum, musicians inspired by the writer took action. There was a benefit show last weekend at the Velvet Lounge in Washington, D.C. Two local bands–Lions and Tigers and Whales as well as Lenorable–captured Poe’s spirit: LTW’s chaotic horror and Lenorable’s dark suspense were the perfect musical embodiment of the brilliant short stories that made Poe so famously influential.

I snapped some photos of the two bands and caught up with Ian and Lisa of Lenorable.

“The city makes millions off of a football team named after the author’s work, but wants to balance its budget by cutting that part of their city’s history?” -Ian, of Lenorable

“E.A. Poe remains to this day the greatest influence in my passion for the macabre, for he exposed the human spirit — in only a few pages at a time — as more terrifying than any horrid other-worldly creature we could imagine. He’s convinced me, as well as notable authors in the horror genre, that the short story is perhaps the most effective medium for telling a suspenseful horror tale that leaves the writer craving more thrills by way of betrayal, brutality and murder.” -Lisa, from Lenorable

“Baltimore’s plan to defund the place where he and his family lived and he wrote represents our country’s disjointed relationship with Poe, and many artists in general.”

“His legacy lives on here and around the world, yet he is still dismissed to an extent, just as he was while living.” -Lisa

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