Screen Vinyl Image & Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Text by Angela Morrish | photos by Nathan Jurgenson

Galaxy Hut was scraping tater tots off the ceiling and clearing out the smell of a blown PA Monday night after DC’s after Screen Vinyl Image took the stage with Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor, in support of the Detroit band’s second full length Spectra Spirit. For fans of the loosely defined Shoegaze genre, that killer bill joined by an extensive list of brews and vegan friendly menu shot thoughts of the looming workday to hell.

Suspense built as echoes of ghostly reverb howled, and it would have been fitting for a curtain to lift as Sisters Of Your Sunshine vapor emerged from the fog. Bass matched the guitar in the effects game, creating a wash of cosmic echoes, while gritty vocals rolled around in the dirty riffs bringing it all back down to earth.

The band had sex and soul a bit reminiscent of Jim Morrison if he met with a little Ride. Tight and technical yet highly musical drums allowed for tension and release, proving each member to be crucial and a force to be reckoned with.

Few bands could leave us with a Velvet Underground cover and a pleasant taste in our mouths, but as vocalist/guitarist Sean Morrow chanted “Run Run Run”, heads bobbed, shoulders swayed… and I think it’s safe to say we all headed to the merch table, which gladly accepted credit cards.

The sonic trip continued as Screen Vinyl Image took the wheel, and the walls shook while our eyes adjusted to the strobes. It’s so nice to know they’re here if you’re looking for a DC band to consistently blow your mind (and possibly your amps). But take note, bust out your pleather, shades, and bone up on your John Carpenter movies if you want the full effect.

Though the duo has been quoted as “a little loud” like Jesus got “a little crucified”, there’s an intricacy that’s typically missing when racks of electronics enter the equation. They’ve mastered a formula for sonic assault most bands get dead wrong, keeping the audience focused and on the edge of their seats (if they’re stupid enough to be sitting in them).

The set opened with “Tomorrow Is Too Far”, a song drenched in hypnotic beats, giving fans of Depeche Mode eargasms and driving out the faint of heart. It almost felt like a sin to put earplugs in as they blasted through one chest pounding song after the other. We were even treated to a special light show for the grand finale, as a very large and roadworthy speaker glowed after enduring a nightmarish swell. Thankfully no band was unlucky enough to have to follow.

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  1. such a good show. it says a lot when the sound system taps out.

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