Bitter Amercian Live and Loud

The Cricket Cemetery family runs red with thick blood. Label mates, Bitter American, a true testament to the hardcore punk rock of the 80’s, tore the seams from the carpet as they destroyed a set to pieces at American University this last Friday.

Honest, and angry, and certainly not kids, friendships and working relations be-damned, I’m honestly a die hard fan of this group.

Incidentally, their first release, “21” just dropped on the Cemetery. All promotional hype aside, it’s well worth picking up: HERE

Not A DJ Mix Returns (sort of) with Vol. 1.666: HALLOWEEN

Yes, I know, if you are familiar with my maiden Not a DJ Mix, you will recall that I made a lot of promises. They included an entire series of me explore mixes manufactured from sounds outside of the traditional “DJ” sphere. You said “Yes,” you said, “Please”, you said, “MORE.” I replied with “…”

However, my promises is not lost in a well of tears, it is merely moved along the space/time continuum. Besides, Vol. 2, which I’ve had planned from the very zygote, is more of a winter situation anyway.

But all is not lost, as I have two sub mixes to toss chumly out to the sharks for the interim. Starting with the only holiday worth celebrating, I sacrafice unto you an offering of Not a DJ Mix Vol. 1.666: Halloween.

Somewhere after my obsession with vintage Thai rock n roll compilations, I decided to embrace my ultimate cliché, and begin collecting Halloween vinyl. What better way to continue this series, and savor the short gasp of time before the bastard takes over everything, than to cobble together a short mix, recorded live from The Castle (my house, which is very much a castle, but not some sweet club you’ve never heard of), with two tracks each from some of the best of my slabs of Samhain sounds?

Herein lies a body of terrifying sounds, hellacious tales, and tarantular songs. Take note, as some of these are quite famous albums from the genre.

[Excerpt] A Night in a Haunted House – Sounds to Make You Shiver

Pipe Organ/Violin – Halloween Horror

Goon River – Introducing Frankie Stein and His Ghouls

[Excerpt] The Ghosts From Outer Space – Ghostly Sounds

The Blob -Little Stevie and The McQueens -Horror Rock Classics Vol. II

[Excerpt] The Story of Halloween Horror – Halloween Horror

The Bat – Monster Mash

Count Dracula – Sounds of Terror

Phantom Piano – Sounds to Make You Shiver

Dinner With Drac – Monster Mash

Lullaby of Ghost Land – Introducing Frankie Stein and His Ghouls

The Nightmare of Lost Souls – Sounds of Terror

Cemetery Girls – Barnes and Barnes

Outro – A Night in a Haunted House – Sounds to Make You Shiver

The Bam Bams: Live Video from the Black Cat

As you may or may not know, the District of Columbia was fortunate enough, several weeks ago, to host America’s queens of bubblegum, The Bam Bams, on the Black Cat mainstage. Star crossed between Baltimore and Chicago, this hasn’t stopped the dynamic duo from churning out track after track of grade A maple syrupy pop jamz to break your candy heart.

My words do little justice to the phenomenon that is The Bam Bams, so let’s cut to the tape. Hide your heart, it’s about to get crushed:

If you’ve already pledged your allegiance to the bubble gum army, remember that TV never lies. As the videos said, you can grab that first 7″ from Cricket Cemetery right now: SO DO IT!

Now that you’re head over, I’d suggest you sit and spinnnnnn…..

The Wierd Affairs of No Love Lost

So, nature be damned, last week saw Sean Gray and I returning to the epic spires of New York to spin, as No Love Lost, for our favorite NYC party, Wierd. As always, it takes a lot of misanthropic people wrapped in black, to be the nicest, and most supportive community between the DMV and the NYC. This time we were even more honored to be able to hit the decks on a nite when Fan Death’s own amazing, post-punk straight from the Factory, Pleasure Leftists took the stage to tear it apart piece by piece.

We can’t thank everyone at Wierd and Home Sweet Home enough for their gracious hosting. Since perception is reality, and observation leads to perception, here are some fantastic shots by Zincink to make my words historic fact, and if you like these images, you can check out more on Zincink’s Flickr stream.

An incidental reminder: Sean Gray and I do this on the DMV homefront every third Sunday at the Velvet Lounge. So come join us, and remember, there’s No Love Lost….

Our Name is Legion//Our Projects are Many

Well, well, well, it seems I’ve returned to my own vizion, and with the same carni-barking hustle in tow.

Those of us living in the EV are often deeply contorted through a multitude of projects, and while I can’t speak for the total mass, I will say that Sean, Ian, and I are in the mires of productivity.

First, might I remind the creatures of the DMV that No Love Lost is happening once again this Sunday (8/21) at Velvet the Velvet Lounge:

In case you can’t read fliers, the details are:

No Love Lost
Sun 8/21
The Velvet Lounge
915 U St NW
Washington, DC

We even have one of those painfully nifty FB events for the digitally repaired…

This will be another NYC send off for Sean and I, but more on that later.

Don’t be prepared to retire just yet, as the record label Ian masterminds, Cricket Cemetery, is having its first showcase on Mon, 8/22. Not only that, but sir Ian will also be performing in his band Lions&Tigers&Whales,for which I also now sing. Don’t believe me? Here’s a rough rehearsal demo, recorded through a top of the line laptop:

Beyond that, AAA, and the Tender Thrill are also playing.

For the internet inclined, here again is an FB event. And for the rest of the world, the details are as follows:

Cricket Cemetery
SHOWCASE 8.22. 2011
9:00pm – 11:30pm
Galaxy Hut
2711 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

Incidentally, though Ian is always coursing through music projects, I could not be more excited for another band he’s conquering new territory with, Bitter American. It’s a new take on a throwback hardcore punk sound, (yeah, “hardcore punk,” that far back), in all the best ways possible. Their first release comes out on Cricket Cemetery soon, but in the meantime, burn your ears with this:

From there the storm only grows stronger as we find Sean and I moving the front back up to NY to spend another dark evening DJing at Wierd. Last time was an amazing experience, and we were ill-blessed by the sounds of Frank [Just Frank]. However, this time there is almost more a crackle of excitement as we join forces with Fan Death Records’ own Pleasure Leftists for an indescribable evening. If you’ve been trapped outside of the space time continuum, and are unfamiliar, Pleasure Leftists are like the reincarnation of some obscure, long lost Factory Band. It goes a little something like this:

Again, there is a handy FB event for the human impaired.

And so, in the spirit of no peace for the wicked, we march ever onward for the big finish of this round. Fan Death Records is also having a showcase in the next week. This one is the much hyped show at Mishka.

I’ll spare you the endless reams of frenzied excitement we’ve all been churning out about this, but I will let Mishka do a bit of the talking:

Again, there is a handy FB event.

But allow me to expound a bit.

Longtime, both Fan Death, and No Love Lost friends, Screen Vinyl Image will be coating the entire space with their rich aural webs.

Once again the aforementioned Pleasure Leftists will storm the planks in their frantically sour fashion.

But the black monolith of the entire event will be another elusive performance by the master of downtrodden synth pop: Puerto Rico Flowers.

It is physically impossible to have read any online music periodical and not know about the genius of this group. I myself have spent a substantial amount of time singing hymns of praise. In fact, shooting myself in foot a bit, I’d dare say, if you only attend one thing on this entire list, it should be seeing Puerto Rico Flowers, at all cost.

And from there friends, we retire back into the dark corners of the earth. But I assure you, it will not be for long. Join us, won’t you?

Beasts of No Nation Play Fort Reno Tonight in DC

Just a quick heads up that punk rock stage slayers, Beasts of No Nation are taking the helm of DC’s longstanding Fort Reno series tonight. Lions & Tigers & Whales were slated to play with them in NY last night, but do to some american complications, they were forced to pull out of the bill. So we are even more stoked to see them play in DC tonight.

If, for some reason, you are not familiar with the group, Beasts of No Nation, yes, does contain mem of, Trial by Fire, Darkest Hour, Majority Rule, and The Explosion, but I only mention that in hopes that fans of those groups might turn an ear in this direction.

With an incredibly tight sound, Beasts stand firmly on their own identity, and it’s monolithic in stature. Check out a little footage I snagged of the group, a year or so ago, at the Back Cat in DC:

Tonight’s lineup is:

Beasts of No Nation
Valley Tours

Fort Reno is located across the street from Woodrow Wilson High School.
All shows begin promptly at 7:15pm
and are over by 9:30pm

More info on their site

See you tonight!

More Shameless Self Promotion

And I’m not even sorry…..

If you thought last weekend was a fucker of mothers, get ready for this one.

Tonight, though I’ll be dropping random jamz at Little Miss Whiskeys, I’ve got two epic events for you, if you live in DC, and hang around the U St. area:

First, my epic broodren in darkness, Trouble & Bass not only return to the DMV, but they bring back the mind blowing Untold!

Seriously, the last time Untold rolled through DC with T&B, and Redlight in tow, none-the-less, it was one of the best night’s I’ve ever been to. If you like electronic music, do not miss this (if you hate electronic music….totally miss this….)

Uhall Website
If that weren’t enough, I got some hommies throwing another awesome, deep bassey night in the same hood:

retrospect and plusgood
are back with another installment of
dnb, dubstep, dtempo at St. Ex all night, w/guest: cuzzin’ greg

I was actually originally supposed to be on this bill, but, due to a scheduling conflict on my end, I could not make it. However! You should go, as it’s going to be some good heady shit….And don’t worry, I’ll get with these guys about doing something r33l soon.

Check out the FB event

Friday, Jackie O and are back to smash the decks for another edition of $weat $hop at the 9:30 Backbar:

You know the drill:

Jackie O


A merciless onslaught of sex jamz

This Friday at the 9:30 Backbar


Are you ready, do you know?
I feel it too
Are you ready, I’ve got to show
I feel this for you

Again, here’s that FB even

Finally, for those of you in the, “DENMAN!? Will you shut the hell up about all this DJ bullshit!?” camp, I’ve got something for you too.

If you’re in NY this Sun, Lions & Tigers & Whales will be playing at:

The Acheron
57 Waterbury St.
Brooklyn, NY

Not only is the show with DMV homebros, Beasts of No Nation, but LTW will be slaying shit along with their new lead singer…..This Guy! So, if you’re in NY, come check the chaos out.

Here’s that FB event!

And that, my friends, is your weekend in a nutshell. I’ll be back with a real post soon. But, as you can see, I’m a busy guy right now…..