LOSS – DESPOND – Profound Lore

Imagine its the final day of your life, a life wasted.

This is the soundtrack.

This band reigns from Nashville, TN. Their LP, “Despond” is released on the label Profound Lore, which is known for housing other amazing releases from the likes of WORM OUROBOROS, a crushingly beautiful band that blends post punk guitars with delay and interestingly placed drums under haunting female vocals. You can also purchase the highly recommended album “The Obsidian Planes” by appropriately named, WOLVHAMMER there, an album that without pretense fuses all kinds of the underground music into a hatefully passionate hammer that nails you into your grave….

This is the kind of music that is really convincing in its emotional quality, but also the instrumentation is perfect… The vocals growl and brood over defeating minor chords and soaring harmonies… the drums and bass also mix well under and around them. Its great… I won’t go too much into detail with frilly words and descriptions… Take it upon yourself to try out this release, this is a great accomplishment of musicianship and poetry, especially if you’re a miserable fuck from time to time.

Preview the song “Cut Up, Depressed and Alone” here.

Buy the album at the Profound Lore website linked above..


Human Figures – All the Stones Rest for the Rain


This is Daniel / Frdmwpn updating the blog here down in the meadows of Tennessee. I just wanted to let everyone know about my recording project “HUMAN FIGURES.” I started the project originally in 2008, but got swept up in the producer / DJ realm under my previous alias TALK. (I did releases and remixes for Lokiboi, AC and Dell, and the Nightshifters Berlin producer camp.)

After a while due to inactivity in that scene I decided to peace out and begin producing weird shit inspired by psychedelic rock, electronica, post punk, what have you.

This is the second album I’ve produced, and right now my girlfriend and I are working on putting together the next album, which will be available probably in late summer.

So if you’re into dark, haunting vibes go check out this album and purchase a song or two!

Preview here!

Let the Devil In


In Chattanooga, TN we are lucky enough to have a Vegan cafe that allows people to book events in the basement, (there is also a Sluggo’s in Pensacola, FL that is known for its split identity as a venue.) We are also lucky enough to have this one hell of a show going down on the 30th. So here’s a little bit about the bands playing.

FADED are local veterans of hardcore and unfortunately their “Subconcious Infiltration” EP will be their last. A very mature and brooding, but energetic collection of songs here, blending funeral dirge, delay and reverb guitar sounds, and 90’s hardcore. The lyrics owe alot to the New Age / Occult used book section… Just be prepared if you listen to this. This isn’t your inexperienced, typical, spelled-out-for-you hardcore punk. If you are in the area, this will be their final show, as the drummer is joining another band and moving away to Austin, TX. DOWNLOAD “SUBCONCIOUS INFILTRATION” HERE : D/L

On tour and coming through Chattanooga, will be the inflammatory and pulverizing band DEAD IN THE DIRT from Atlanta, GA. Check out their tour dates below, and in the mean time, go download their “FALL TOUR EP” at Toxicbreed’s Funhouse.

YAUTJA, named after the folklore from the film PREDATOR, are a hardcore / metal band from Nashville. They will be joining the show as well, and fucking aye, this band rips my jaw off my face and nails my dick to a baby’s finger. Download their stuff : HERE.

Last but not least will be the new local melodic death metal band, UNSPOKEN TRIUMPH. News around town is that they draw quite a good crowd, and a young energetic one at that. You should go give them a listen here!


Phew! Now that the promo is over, I can now post about what I’ve been wanting to!

SECRET GUILT is the noise / power electronics project of Tony Levi, a local torch bearer in the underground of my city. He has been a part of several awesome projects, like the most recently defunct grindcore / dbeat / sludge band GRAVEBOUND. (Download their record “STABBING CONTEST” : here), runs an AWESOME music / movie blog called BLOOD TRANSMISSION (check it here) and an a very mysterious black metal only blog (here).

I have a feeling that he will be getting another spotlight on Errorvizion very soon, so keep yer eyes peeled!

Here is SECRET GUILT’S new song and it’s fucking retarded (awesome.) (Link leads to his soundcloud.)


A Mix For The Afterlife

Ambient / Noise Mix for the Afterlife.

First one of these I’ve ever done. No tracklisting. Just light some candles, shut your lights off, lay down, ingest your proper audio enhancers… Focus on the futuristic spirit worlds of the ancient times.

Download : HERE


HI. I’m Daniel.

Here is my introduction. It’s not long as I have some other things to do today, but here is a taste of what you’ll be getting from me. A mix of metal, eccentric music and electronic is what you’ll find on my posts, and probably things going on in the world, and movie suggestions, OH! and website suggestions.

Just a little about me, I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I live in a mountainous, deciduous terrain. Its a really dreamy little town.  I’m a music person, I’ve played in thrash/punk/hardcore bands, but my main gig these past 3 years has been electronic music production and DJing.

Here are two songs for my post!

AGRIMONIA is a very mind expanding “crust” band. I would rather just call them what they are, Swedes playing metal. They always do a good job.

JOYLESS. I’ve REALLY been into this album / band. For fans of Royal Trux. This is some more Scandinavians playing some expansive shit. This is like 90s rock and folk and country being played by ex black metallers from Forgotten Woods. Enjoy.

That’s all for now,