Not A DJ Mix Returns (sort of) with Vol. 1.666: HALLOWEEN

Yes, I know, if you are familiar with my maiden Not a DJ Mix, you will recall that I made a lot of promises. They included an entire series of me explore mixes manufactured from sounds outside of the traditional “DJ” sphere. You said “Yes,” you said, “Please”, you said, “MORE.” I replied with “…”

However, my promises is not lost in a well of tears, it is merely moved along the space/time continuum. Besides, Vol. 2, which I’ve had planned from the very zygote, is more of a winter situation anyway.

But all is not lost, as I have two sub mixes to toss chumly out to the sharks for the interim. Starting with the only holiday worth celebrating, I sacrafice unto you an offering of Not a DJ Mix Vol. 1.666: Halloween.

Somewhere after my obsession with vintage Thai rock n roll compilations, I decided to embrace my ultimate cliché, and begin collecting Halloween vinyl. What better way to continue this series, and savor the short gasp of time before the bastard takes over everything, than to cobble together a short mix, recorded live from The Castle (my house, which is very much a castle, but not some sweet club you’ve never heard of), with two tracks each from some of the best of my slabs of Samhain sounds?

Herein lies a body of terrifying sounds, hellacious tales, and tarantular songs. Take note, as some of these are quite famous albums from the genre.

[Excerpt] A Night in a Haunted House – Sounds to Make You Shiver

Pipe Organ/Violin – Halloween Horror

Goon River – Introducing Frankie Stein and His Ghouls

[Excerpt] The Ghosts From Outer Space – Ghostly Sounds

The Blob -Little Stevie and The McQueens -Horror Rock Classics Vol. II

[Excerpt] The Story of Halloween Horror – Halloween Horror

The Bat – Monster Mash

Count Dracula – Sounds of Terror

Phantom Piano – Sounds to Make You Shiver

Dinner With Drac – Monster Mash

Lullaby of Ghost Land – Introducing Frankie Stein and His Ghouls

The Nightmare of Lost Souls – Sounds of Terror

Cemetery Girls – Barnes and Barnes

Outro – A Night in a Haunted House – Sounds to Make You Shiver

Not a DJ Mix Vol.1: Exotica

The summer is upon us, and as the sun beats down upon the pallid skin of the members of the Error-Vizion horde, we use this opportunity to spring forth anew, as the harvest returns with bounty.

While we will all be running in serpentine directions, I am using this season to release a series of mixes that explore non-Dj or A-traditional DJ music that I am tersely calling: “Not a DJ Mix.” Though Vol.2 will be an all vinyl, live recorded mix of outsider black metal, for the first installment I thought I’d embrace the cult of Ra.

I first discovered “lounge music” through the re-release of Capital Records’ catalog, in the 90′s, under the guise of the “Ultra Lounge”series. While all of its pomp and camp fascinated me, I kept returning time and time again to the “ethnic”-cum-anglo genre of “exotica.” With
its crudely co-opted use of instruments from a myriad of countries and cultures, I fell in love with this space-race era exploration of the far reaches of the globe.

Here then, is a rough odd hour of some of my favorite numbers that flirt in the direction of Exotica. So, chop open your coconut, pop your cocktail umbrella, pour your liquor of choice, pray to the Tiki gods, and unfurl your frame onto the damp beach sands…..


Listen live, and download

Or, go straight to the DL: HERE