Screen Vinyl Image & Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Text by Angela Morrish | photos by Nathan Jurgenson

Galaxy Hut was scraping tater tots off the ceiling and clearing out the smell of a blown PA Monday night after DC’s after Screen Vinyl Image took the stage with Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor, in support of the Detroit band’s second full length Spectra Spirit. For fans of the loosely defined Shoegaze genre, that killer bill joined by an extensive list of brews and vegan friendly menu shot thoughts of the looming workday to hell.

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Caught Lost Tribe‘s amazing set last week at Home Sweet Home in Manhattan and snapped some pictures. No use writing a review, the pictures tell the story. By the way, the show was put on by Wierd Records, who do this every Wednesday in Manhattan. Fellow ERROR VISIONers Sean and Denman will be spinning records next Wednesday. DETAILS. Enjoy the icy tunes and fogged-out bar stuffed with taxidermied animals. [all photos by, me, nathan jurgenson // full set here]