Bitter Amercian Live and Loud

The Cricket Cemetery family runs red with thick blood. Label mates, Bitter American, a true testament to the hardcore punk rock of the 80’s, tore the seams from the carpet as they destroyed a set to pieces at American University this last Friday.

Honest, and angry, and certainly not kids, friendships and working relations be-damned, I’m honestly a die hard fan of this group.

Incidentally, their first release, “21” just dropped on the Cemetery. All promotional hype aside, it’s well worth picking up: HERE

Rations – For Victory

For Victory
86’d Records and Fanzine

A few weeks ago I wrote a short, fast diddy about this band Rations, from Long Island, New York. I expressed in that short piece my surprise that Long Island had a burgeoning, DIY, punk rock scene. Part of the reason for that is that every time I went to Long Island to visit family I got the impression that it was just this massive suburb. Sure, it’s a massive suburb of one of the most culturally vacant, capitalistic, image conscious cities on this planet, but mostly it reminded me of the suburbs I lived in with the same kind of people who failed to engage the slips of culture found in the city walls. I know, contradiction. New York City mostly sucks. Seriously, people on the East Coast are assholes for the most part and New York takes the cake. Their all angry and fussy. Add to that millions of hipster kids, white guys stealing your life, Botox filled house wives and the general dichotomy that capitalism creates in any town, and you get a shitty place to live. However, just about every other culture that exists on the planet has a pocket there. Also, Mike Law from New Idea Society lives in Brooklyn and he’s one of the nicest people in the world. He should be given sainthood in the church of awesome. Okay, I just did that.

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