Bitter Amercian Live and Loud

The Cricket Cemetery family runs red with thick blood. Label mates, Bitter American, a true testament to the hardcore punk rock of the 80’s, tore the seams from the carpet as they destroyed a set to pieces at American University this last Friday.

Honest, and angry, and certainly not kids, friendships and working relations be-damned, I’m honestly a die hard fan of this group.

Incidentally, their first release, “21” just dropped on the Cemetery. All promotional hype aside, it’s well worth picking up: HERE

By Way of Introductions…

I’m Ian Graham, I make noises and play guitar in Lenorable.

I’ll be writing things here, and posting photos, and other things you do on blogs.

Today I’ll introduce you to my band and leave it at that.

New Kreayshawn Video-“Gucci Gucci”

I find myself continually attracted to this next generation’s take on underground, and oddly, high-aimed DIY hip-hop. By most standards it’s a strange crossroads of genres, sounds, beliefs, interests, and attitudes, all born of a techno-internet world I hasten to say probably feels that “2.0” is an outmoded operation. This is not going to be another sociologically brain flexing analysis of Odd Future, of which I am a bit tired of hearing about. Instead, this moves from Lil B into the deeper realms of Space Ghost Purrp, and more to the point, the White Girl Mod.

I’ve been a fan of Kreayshawn ever since I had the random fortune to click on a link to the “Bumpin Bumpin” video. I think it was the specific way in which she obviously demanded to be taken seriously, but was coming from such a self imagined world. Everything about that track and video had a quirky uniqueness. And while Kreayshawn may still share an obvious pride for that track, she’s been husslin hard, through its wake, to move up to the next level.

The elevator doors opened to that very place today with the drop of her new track and video “Gucci Gucci.” Everything about it is the next level for Kreayshawn (save utilizing “Bumpin” as a sample). The video production is a much higher quality, and the direction is much more focused. Equally the track has a much better sound, and carries a far richer imagination to the production table, replete with dirty south hi-hats and snares, and swirling dubstep basslines. To her credit, Kreayshawn’s flow is much smoother here compared to her previous work (though it’s all good to me), and her rhymes carry more wit as well.

I know this is just the first step in the master plan for a new album from Kreayshawn, of which twitter keeps me informed on the tireless work-flow young Shawn has put in. I’m beyond curious to hear how the rest of this lands, and to see what other videos and projects come of it. But, regardless of how high this star rises, I’ll still be trainspotting for new mixtapes and giving my support. Two final notes: Yo Roxy! When are you gonna bring Kreayshawn back to NYC, and can we coordinate schedules so I can be there? And finally, remember:

I’m rollin up my catnip and shittin in your litter.

(Now please, for the love of fuck, someone send me some METAL!!)